Friday, June 22, 2012

The crafty parent dilemma

I've been busy designing and making doll clothing for the past month.  Most of the time, I craft at night when Aria is asleep.  But she is well aware that I can "make stuff" because miraculously in the morning she awakes to find doll clothing or whatever else I've been working on.  This awareness that momma is crafty has led Aria to concoct a growing list of costumes and toys she would like me to make.  And generally, the items selected for the wish list come about in the following way...

A few days ago, Aria watched Totoro for the first time.

I'm a big fan of Ghibli films.  First, they are just brilliant pieces of animated cinema.  Second, most of them feature a strong female protagonist which is so important to me. I want Aria to see girls who are more than secondary characters; girls with big personalities who are living full lives that go beyond worrying about princes and looking pretty.  Now, there isn't anything wrong with dreaming about princes or wanting to look your best, but considering she is only four years old I would rather if neither of those things were high on her to do list.  I love the Ghibli films because most of the main characters are kids and despite the sometimes amazing situations they find themselves in they still behave like children.  The folks at Studio Ghibli have a talent for capturing the wisdom, the courage, and the spirit of children in such a beautiful way.

Her first Ghibli film was Ponyo and she loved it.  In fact, she insisted on being Ponyo for Halloween, which of course involved me making her a Ponyo dress, complete with big white bloomers and ham.  I don't believe anyone knew who she was supposed to be, but Aria knew and that is all that mattered.

Anyhow, I digress.
A few days ago, Aria watch Totoro for the first time.

She actually watched it twice in one day.  The first time with daddy and the second with me.  My child is a total plot spoiler by the way.  As the movie credits were running, Aria was silent for a moment before speaking up.

Aria: Momma, can you make a Totoro?
Me: Uhm...probably.
Aria: Okay.  I want one Totoro!
Me: Wait...what?!
Aria: No!  I want two, no THREE Totoros.  I want a little white one, a blue one, and a GINORMOUS one.

Oi.  Sometimes being crafty gets you in all kinds of fixes.  

Although...she'd make an awfully cute Mei.  Perhaps I could make her a Mei outfit to go with the three Totoros she has requested. 



  1. We love totoro & miazaki films. We make soot sprites out of yarn pom poms & little white totoros out of cotton balls & google eyes. Not a big investment. We also have the wish list problem. It's a good problem to have I think. :-)

    1. Haha! I love the soot sprites idea! I'll have to borrow that one. She does love those little guys too! :D Thanks! ~Robin