Wednesday, June 13, 2012

A is for Alpaca!

We went to the Fair this weekend! It was just the county fair, and pretty small, but there was a train ride involved so Max was happy. He won a stuffed red puppy by throwing beanbags and got to shoot in one of those squirtgun races too, so it was lovely all around.

He also had a really good time feeding all the animals in the petting zoo. They must specially train those rascals to not nibble fingers because he stuck several digits all the way in their mouths and still managed to come out with all ten.

Our last stop was a booth set up by a local alpaca farm. There were a couple of friendly alpacas and lots of fiber, from raw fleece and batts, to yarn, clothes, and blankets. We wandered up to meet the alpacas and Max immediately went over to pick me some fiber.

The lady tending the booth tried to politely shoo him off by saying "Oh, honey; those aren't for you. There are some cute hats over here, though. That stuff isn't for playing with."

"I know, it's for spinning. Mommy, this one is sooooo soft!"

You can always spot the crafter's kid.

The lady recovered admirably and instead tried to get him to talk me into buying way more. He proceeded to lecture her about spinning while she listened solemnly.

We also got to "ooh" and "aah" over a very nice Ashford spinning wheel in the craft pavilion, which let me drop many unsubtle hints to my hubby.

It was a great day, but I was very ready to come home and spin, which I did promptly (even before feeding the family). He's right; that one is soooooo soft!


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