Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Let's paint a sheep

"Mom, can we get a sheep today?"

"A sheep? Like a real one?"


"Why do you want a sheep?"

"'Cause then I could paint it all sorts of colors and you could make the wool into yarn and then make me a toy and it would be all the best pretty colors 'cause I painted it."

"Well, yes, but we could just buy some wool. We can even dye it together if you like, so you can pick the colors."

*he looks at me like I'm dense*
"But Mom, it would be lots more fun to paint a sheep!"

Well, he's got me there.

Yes, this is a near-verbatim conversation I had recently with my four-year-old. He's getting quite the education on the sheep-to-sweater process thanks to all my hobbies. He gets downright annoyed if I wash and dry fleece without him. He even has his own salad spinner for drying wool which he took to school for sharing day. I suppose I should have expected it was only a matter of time before he asked for a sheep, but the logic behind it was both surprising and adorable. I still said no to the sheep.

Instead, we went to a local fiber store and he got to pick some roving for me to spin. The owner sat back and watched, rather bemused, as he looked through the roving, trying to pick. He touched and pet, and put it against his face. He picked a handful he liked the best, all of which were merino or alpaca blends that had been handpainted. That kid's got wicked-expensive taste already. I may have to start raising animals and hand-dying just to save money. ;D


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