Monday, June 4, 2012

New Beginnings

The long awaited Springtime in Portland is finally here! Everyone's gardens are waking up and those gray rain cloud start to vanish (erm...I said start to...hah).

It seems like my creative impulse sort of flies off the handle as soon as that first sunny day arrives.

This spring is especially full of new creative life around these parts. The birth of Tansy Dolls is upon us, ladies! Are you feeling that nesting instinct yet? I sure am. Oh, all the vibrant colors of yarn! Oh, those cute little faces! Oh, those sweet outfits! Oh, the happy children! Squeeeeee!!

So, without further adieu, enjoy some pix of this lovely gal. She's one of our first 'babies' born on this fun journey of doll making we're about to take part in. I already have this sense that I'll look back on these early blog posts and think warmly, "this is when it all began." :)



  1. it seems like it took forever for summer to come to Oregon this year we are in Medford, Oregon and it still doesnt seem like summer every day

    1. Hello fellow Oregonian! :D It did take far too long and you're right...some days are NOT summer like. I am ready for a bit of sunshine! ~Robin