Monday, June 11, 2012

Picking a 'fave'

I know things are going right with creative endeavors when I just can't stop smiling. I'm zee face & hair artiste here at Tansy Dolls and with each sweet little shimmer I stitch into their eyes I inevitably think, "ooooh, this one is officially my favorite!" But, oh, how can I choose just one, anyway?

They are all so unique in their own way and my concept of them change as all the details of assembling them come together. I've found myself convinced that one or two have only hit the "pretty great" mark and then I pile on that gorgeous hair and am shocked at how lovely they look! Can you tell I'm having fun? hah.

This little beauty here has absolutely vibrant red hair (can someone please find a dye that will make my hair look like that?) mixed with thick purple locks hand-spun by Cady.

*sigh* Some lucky person gets to snuggle with this dollie soon, but for now, she's mine to admire.


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