Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Portable crafting

First off, we have our first giveaway winner! Congratulations, Laurel Miller! She is the lucky winner of matching doll and child tutus, to be sent out next week. If we're very lucky she'll send us some awesome pictures to share with you. : )  

There will be lots more giveaways in the future, so be sure to check here and like us on Facebook so you don't miss any! Ok, on to today's post...

You may have noticed by now that we ladies of Tansy Dolls all have very different specialties. Robin makes our beautiful sewn doll clothing, Lesley gives all the lovelies life with adorable faces and glorious hair, and I do the yarn goodies. We all sew dolls, and consult heavily with each other, but certainly have our specialties.

Now, of course I would say this, but I'm the lucky one! In this case, I say that because my crafts are the easiest to travel with. It's tough to lug a sewing machine everywhere and the sheer amount of fabric, hair yarn, thread, etc. my partners need make their parts somewhat less portable. I, however, can grab a skein of yarn and a hook or needles and I'm good to go. (Yes, that would be gloating.)

Last weekend, my husband decided that what he wanted most for Father's Day was a camping trip so off we went! This time we headed to the beach. It was foggy, but I actually like that (being from Northern CA we like our beaches cool and foggy) and it wasn't too hot.

It was tons of fun. How does this tie into me being lucky? My husband was kind enough to do the driving, so I got to sip iced coffee and make doll clothes the whole drive there! I also got to knit a bit at the beach. However, I went to finish the crochet skirt I was working on for the drive back, only to find my crochet hook had snapped. I tried to just be a passenger, but I'm really bad at that.

Instead, I stubbornly finished the skirt with the stub of the hook. Yuck! If you were every wondering: yes, they make them that long on purpose. But I still got to finish! And I just learned that even portable crafts need some consideration. Next time, I'll pack metal hooks. : D


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  1. One of these days, sewing machines will be super small but expand to full size when needed and run off air so my craft will be portable too. Heh. Okay, so I can dream. Somebody out there get to work on that. :D ~Robin