Monday, June 18, 2012

Raising Daddies

I hope everyone had a wonderful Father's Day this weekend! Ours was spent visiting grandpas and celebrating with cousins in sunny Nevada & Utah (sorry Robin and Cady - I heard it was rainy in Portland) :D Okay, I'll stop gloating now. ;)

This isn't my first Father's Day honoring my wonderful hubby, but it is my first with another sweet boy in my life - our new son, Ever. I've been thinking lately about the healing power of dolls and how children really need a sweet snuggly companion in their life. Robin, Cady, and I have been putting our heads together about how we can serve some children who may find it hard to find dollies that they can identify with (some exciting donations are coming up...stay tuned).

In that vein: boys and dolls. Oh, how my heart smiles when I see a boy with a little lovlie. Caring for, cooking food, tucking in, changing diapers, nursing their babies - the work of children that is so very important. Playing, exploring, and we all know...really practicing and preparing, moving forward,  and growing into themselves. When I see a little boy nurturing his doll, what I think is, "Now, this little guy is going to be a great Dad someday."

And now I have a little boy to love.  A little boy whose first birthday is approaching! A little boy whose mama needs to make a special little one for him to squeeze and snuggle and kiss goodnight.

And one day, if he chooses to have children of his own, I hope that he'll request that this Grandma provide some comfort and warmth to his little dudes in the form of dollie-love.
(this pic is not of my cutie-patoots, but of a boy I sure do love)

Happy Fathers Day, guys!


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  1. Wonderful photo, and doll, Dad's are cool, cheers Marie