Friday, July 20, 2012

A Crafter's Candy Shop in Portlandia

I feel incredibly lucky to live in Portland.  I swear its a crafter's island of delight.  There are so many stores in this city that I love visiting, sometimes shopping and sometimes browsing, although if I'm being honest...I think I do more shopping than browsing.  ;)

Yesterday, I happened to be over on 10th and Taylor in downtown Portland attending a teleconference for the Oregon Patient Safety Commission.  Research.  Its one of the things that I do when I'm not busy making dolls and doll clothing or hanging out with my fabulous daughter.  It just so happens that the Button Emporium and Ribbonry, one of my most favoritest (yeah...I know its not a word) stores, shares the same building.  So of course, I had to stop by.  No really, I did.  I needed some pretty ribbon to finish up a stack of pillowcase dresses for Tansy Dolls.

Button Emporium and Ribbonry
1016 SW Taylor Street 
Portland, OR 97205

Phone: 503-228-6372 

I stumbled upon this delightful little shop many years ago.  When I first stepped foot into it...I swore up and down I had entered THE candy shop for crafters. Its called the Button Emporium and Ribbonry for good reason.  I don't know that I've ever seen so many buttons or ribbon in my life.  (PS: what you see in these pics is just a FRACTION of what is actually in the store.  Especially the buttons...Oh my, we are talking an entire wall of buttons, ceiling to floor.  In fact, they claim to have thousands...and I believe them.)

They also house a wicked collection of vintage and reproduction French ribbon and trims, Mokuba and Midori ribbons from Japan, a lovely collection of fabric, luscious embroidery thread,  patterns, and various vintage knick-knackery.

I can never just stop by briefly.  Any visit, even if I know exactly what I need, requires enough time to browse every wall, cabinet, and stand as well as peek in every corner.   You never know what you will find in this wondrous little store.  This visit I spotted these beautiful handcrafted buttons from one of a kind.   

The Button Emporium has an online store but seriously if you are ever anywhere near Portland, you should stop by and see the store in person.  

I'm off to play with the goodies I picked up from the store (see picture above), but I wanted to give you a little update on the Ada doll I mentioned last Friday.  I have the skirt finished and the blouse started.  I'd show you pics but I think I'll wait until I have the jacket finished. I hear that Cady has already started working on her abacus.  I cannot wait to see her all put together.  :D



  1. It's a good thing I don't live in Portland -- I doubt I'd be able to save a dime! This store looks like so much fun. Thanks for turning my attention to your blog :)

    1. I must admit it is tough! I try to stay away from this particular store unless I really need something. I cannot help myself. I will find something that must come home with me. Thanks for stopping by. I love Tinkerlab oh so very much. I believe I've even posted a pick of my Aria on your fb page. :D