Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Basic knit sweater pattern

Hello Everyone!
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Today I thought I'd share with you a pattern to knit a nice basic sweater for your 16" Tansy Doll. Theoretically, it should fit other 16" Waldorf-style dolls too.This is a simple pattern done mostly in stockinette. You could certainly make it more exciting by adding colors, using stitch relief patterns, etc., but it's a good place to start. This one is made a bit on the bigger side to accommodate other clothing underneath. That, and it looks so snuggley!

Here's the finished product:

Worsted weight yarn
Size US 9/5.5mm needles (or size needed to obtain gauge)
Stitch holds or safety pins
Tapestry needle

15 stitches x 24 rows over a 4" x 4" square in stockinette

K                   Knit
P                    Purl
k2tog             Knit 2 stitches together
SSK               Slip, Slip,Knit
Stockinettestitch refers to alternating rows of all knits and all purls.

This sweater is knit in 5 parts, with the collar picked up after the front and back panels are joined.
Cast on 28 stitches
Row 1 –4) (K2, P2) across
5 – 22) Work in stockinette stitch, startingwith a Knit row
23) Bind off 4, K
24) Bind off 4, P
25 –32) Work in stockinette stitch, starting with a Knit row
33) K 6,move remaining stitches to holder
34) P 6
35)K 4, k2tog
36) P 5
37) K 3, k2tog
38) P 4
Bind off

Skip 8 stitches on holder, rejoin yarnto work last 6 stitches:
33) K 6
34) P 6
35) SSK, K 4
36) P 5
37) SSK, K 3
38) P 4
Bind off

Right front:
Cast on18 stitches
1) K4, (K2, P2) x3, K2
2) (P2, K2)x3, P2, K4
3 –4) Repeat rows 1&2
5) K across
6) P14, K4
7 – 22)Repeat rows 5&6 eight more times
23) K across
24) Bind off4, P10, K4
25) K4, place these 4 on a holder (I use a large safetypin), SSK, K across
26) P across
27) SSK, K across
28) Pacross
29 – 36) Repeat rows 27&28 four more times
38)P across
Bind off

Left front:
Cast on 18stitches
1) (K2, P2) x3, K6
2) K4, (P2, K2) x3, P2
3 – 4)Repeat rows 1&2
5) K across
6) K4, P14
7 – 22) Repeatrows 5&6 eight more times
23) Bind off 4, K across
24) K4,P across
25) K8, k2tog, place remaining 4 stitches on a holder (Iuse a large safety pin)
26) P across
27) K to last 2 st,k2tog
28) P across
29 – 36) Repeat rows 27&28 fourmore times
37)K across
38)P across
Bind off - repeat these 2rows 4 more times

Sleeves (make 2):
Cast on 28 stitches
1– 4) (K2, P2) across
5 – 18) Work in stockinette stitch,starting with a Knit row
Bind off

Stitch front panels toback at shoulder seams.

Join yarn at right frontpanel.
1) K 4 stitches off holder, pick up 10 up right front, 5down right side of back, K 8 from holder, pick up 5 up left side ofback, 10 down left front, K 4 from holder
2) K 2, bind off 1, kacross
3) K to gap, cast on 1, k 2
4) K across

Stitch on sleeves, then sew sleeves and sides closed.Weave in all ends and attach button. Enjoy!

Here's the lovely Clara modeling the finished sweater.  (Sorry about the microwave in the background; my best light is in the kitchen.)
If you need help, find errors, or have questions just let me know!


Note: this pattern is the property of Tansy Dolls. Please feel free to make sweaters for your dolls to enjoy, but do not sell this pattern, sweaters made from this pattern, or represent it as your own. Thanks!


  1. Fabulous!! Thank you for posting!

    1. No problem! I look forward to sharing more down the line! -Cady