Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The battle for balance

Have you heard about our upcoming dolls for Toward the Stars? Keep up with what we're working on by following us on Twitter! It's really exciting for me on a personal level. We're working on some special dolls for this site that will hopefully help empower girls and help show that we girls can do anything we want. Yay us! Similarly, you guys seemed excited about the recent bow and arrow giveaway, which I think is awesome. (If you missed out there will be a few up for sale tomorrow! Check our Etsy page.)

Now, every woman out there, I'm betting, has a story about doing something un-girly and the effect that had on her and those around her. For me, one of the big ones was my chosen field of study. I have a Bachelor's degree in mathematics, which is still largely a boys' club. While my teachers were mostly supportive, the other students were often more skeptical. That's part of why I'm so excited about math dolls, science dolls, explorer dolls, athlete dolls, etc.

However, today I also wanted to talk about the other side of the coin; boys. Now, as the mother of a boy, don't worry; he'll grow up knowing that women can do everything men can do. But I also want to make sure he knows that men can do what women do. I feel like sometimes this can get overlooked when we talk about gender and empowerment.

Of course, a little girl can like Star Wars and grow up to be a scientist. But a little boy can like My Little Pony and grow up to be a homemaker too. I hope that everyone remembers that. And remembers that this doesn't make him any less a boy, just like math doesn't make me any less a girl.

Now, my son has so far remained pretty oblivious of the gender roles around him, and I love that. He's into a lot of typical "boy things" like trains, cars, dinosaurs, trains, dirt, bugs, trains, breaking stuff, and trains. He likes crashing into things, running like mad, and playing guns (not my favorite). But he also loves butterflies, tea parties, baby ducks, painting, baking, animals (the cuddlier the better), and dotes on babies whenever he sees them. I love this balance in him. I hope he holds onto it through his whole life, though I see battles ahead (especially when those pesky pre-teen years arrive).

I put patches on his pants, partly for decoration, partly so he know which side is the front. Yesterday he picked a new batch and here's what he picked:
Butterflies, baby duck, cute dino, and Lightning McQueen. I like the balance here too. :)

So let your girls do science experiments, but also let your boys play with dolls. We could all use a little more balance I'm betting, so let's set our kids up for success by not setting limits on what they can dream.



  1. LOVE LOVE this post, Cady! And from personal experience with your wonderful son, I know that he is indeed well balanced.