Monday, July 9, 2012

Custom Goodness & Movie Magic

Happy Monday, everyone! I hope everyone had a great (long?) weekend and a safe & fun 4th.

Robin, Cady, and I did a little celebrating of our own. In honor of our launch this month we decided unanimously that we were in need of some child-free fun. So, we dropped the kiddos off at their favorite play place/daycare and enjoyed ourselves! A fabulous lunch was kicked off including coffee (of course) and a lot of talk about upcoming Tansy Dolls stuff. Some exciting projects are coming up, and I am looking forward to talking about them soon. (How is that for piquing your curiosity? hah) 

After that was a trip to buy yarn (yay!) and then we were off to see Brave.

BRAVE! Haveyaseenit? It's a good one. It's pretty hard to write a review without spoilers, so I am not going to even try. As an alternative, here's my quick take on it: We laughed. We cried. We used lots of tissue. It's funny. It's touching. It's scary. Like, I am going to have to wait until Stella is around 8 before letting her see it scary. (of course, my daughter does have reoccurring nightmares about bears

And lastly - it gets my stamp of approval. The mother and daughter relationship is really the key to the whole movie. No knights/princes riding in to save the day. A movie with a strong female lead, you say!? And, it's animated, no less!? Woooo hooo! Sign me up.

And, speaking of mother/daughter love this week (do you like my segue? hah)We finished our very FIRST custom that the lovely Karli ordered for her daughter Izzy's birthday (pictures below.)

I had so much fun with this doll! We had fabulous pictures sent to us so that we could match this little lady to look just like the birthday girl Izzy (who is gorgeous, btw.) We had fun with all the details, down to her red highlights and sweet little birthmarks. Karli chose sherberty colors for the clothing and received 2 whole outfits with her doll (with sweaters!). Cady and Robin really out-did themselves on the cuteness factor. I can't wait to see pictures of snuggle-time!

Alrightie friends, I'm signing off for now. Have an awesome week and remember there is ONE more day until we announce the winner of our FREE giveaway! Click here on details to enter:


Izzy's matching birthmarks


  1. Ladies, Izzi absolutely loves her doll, who we've named "Sage," which is Izzi's middle name! Here's a link to her just after she opened her up: Thank you sooooo much!!

  2. YAY! Karli, that is so awesome! I can't connect to you picture for some reason -can you post it on our fb wall? - Lesley