Monday, July 16, 2012

It's All For You (Cocoon GIVEAWAY!)

(If you really want it) All for you (if you say you need it) All for you (if you gotta have it)

Okay, clearly I am in a silly mood and have been listening to too much Janet Jackson. :) This ties in to my blog Ah, yes...


Have you caught on by now that Robin, Cady, and I love a good giveaway? ;) Well, who the heck doesn't, right?

Our talented knitress (that could be a word...someday...if we all add it to our vocabulary and use it... a lot.) *ahem* as I was saying...our talented knitress Cady has crocheted the sweetest little snuggly doll Cocoons you ever did see. They are soft and warm, portable, colorful, and will keep your Tansy Doll safe & nestled in when she's not in someone's arms.

These beauties will be for sale in our shop soon, and we'll let you know the moment they go live via our facebook fan page (so LIKE it already! sheesh. ;)

But, for those of you just itching to bring one home (and for FREE, might I add?) Then...drum roll please...enter this week's GIVEAWAY!

Here's the steps to have a valid entry:

1. Find the post about this giveaway on our facebook fan page
2. Leave a comment on it!
3. SHARE it on your fb page
4. When we reach 100 fans on our facebook page, a number generator will choose a winner for us - hooray!

We'll notify the winner, and let them choose their color (green, grey, red, purple, hot pink, or navy blue)! Hooray!



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  1. Personally, I like to call Cady a "yarnie!" Heehee. ~Robin