Monday, July 30, 2012

It's All in the Details

Making beautiful objects with our hands. It appeals to a variety of different artistic & crafty people, but maybe the common thread (pun, anyone? ;) is that it's a labor of love. It takes looooong hours of intimate time with a handmade endeavor to have it turn out just right.

The hours. That close contact and attention to detail is what it's all about. Above and beyond the satisfaction of a job well done, my theory is that it's the bonding that has occurred after the slow and conscious focus of creating beautiful work - that's what keeps us coming back for more.

Is it that special transfer of energy, the good vibes, that attract people to buy and fill our homes with handcrafted goodness? Well, it probably doesn't hurt there's a whole lotta' handmade cuteness out there.

I thought I'd visually walk everyone through some of the finer points of Tansy Dolls, the hours of time & love & attention that are harder to see in our regular shop and gallery pictures. I'm just going to focus on our dolls today, because if I started getting into all the amazing clothes & belts & beds & toys, etc, that Cady and Robin craft - well, the adorable-factor would get a little overwhelming.

Also, in the future, I think I'm going to blog about what to look for when buying a quality handcrafted Waldorf-inspired doll for the first time. I'm sure there are many of us that just don't know where to begin to look (and what to look for) when there are so many talented doll makers out there.

So here we go! Below are some detail shots to show you all of the hand-stitched areas that are stuffed FULL (no lumps! yuck!) with clean wool and sewn securely to that each doll can withstand a whole lotta' snuggle time. No floppy heads or popped stitches in Tansy-land.

front closeup of stitching around neck & arms
the back view with our Tansy Dolls tag, and 3 layers of all-natural yarn. Each layer goes through the sewing machine twice before it's secured to the head.
a nice pelvis stitch so our dollies can sit and have a tea party

clearly defined thumbs

sittin' pretty with cute undies

Kealoha in her sweet outfit, ready to go home!

Have a wonderful week!

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