Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Giveaway! Bow and Arrow set

Maybe you've heard elsewhere, but we're doing a giveaway! This adorable bow, quiver, and set of 5 arrows could be yours for FREE!

First, head over to our Facebook Page, find the giveaway announcement, and leave a comment. Then head over to our Hyena Cart shop and enter the giveaway for FREE! That's it!

The set is sized for our 16" Tansy Doll. Here's one of our lovely models giving you a peek:

The bow is carved and bent from cedar, the arrows are bamboo and felt, and the quiver is felt as well. Beware: the set really works! We had a lot of fun testing prototypes and the bow easily shoots across the room. Be sure to talk to your little ones about proper use before handing over weapons, even toy ones!

We decided to make this fun set after talking about how we all want to see Disney's new movie, Brave. (In fact, we're all going on Friday. Yay!) We thought, it's so awesome that there are strong females leads in movies these days and princesses that can ride and shoot and be amazing all on their own. In celebration of this progress we thought our dolls should be able to fight off bears, storm the castle, battle dragons, or whatever they please, so the idea for the set was born. We realized one of the joys of being dollmakers is to be able to make whatever we dream up! Keep an eye out for boots, bags, pets, and more coming down the pipe!

So enter the giveaway! Come have fun with us!


Ok, fine a few more pics...

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