Monday, July 23, 2012


Pssst! Guess what? This week will mark Tansy Dolls' one month anniversary! July 28th to be exact. :)

Time to toot our own horn! hah. It's been a whirlwind for me, with so many highlights. We've already sold 3 dolls -  2 of which were customs and sooooo fun to work with our clients to create. We donated a sweet doll (Maizy) to Nevus Outreach in hopes that a she'll find a home in the arms of someone who really needs her, and we've done 3 (!) super fun giveaways - a child/doll matching tutu set, a bow and arrow, and a snuggly Cocoon bed. We've been 'favorited' on Etsy a few times, we have some twitter followers - we even had a tweet about us from Brenda Chapman (one of the directors of Brave!)We've been 'pinned' and 'repinned,' and we're now over 100 facebook fans.

It seriously means so much to the three of us. We worked very long and hard perfecting our dolls before we launched and we strive to lovingly create each new doll with integrity and crafts(wo)manship. Not a stitch out of place, and a guarantee of the highest quality product with clear, open, and friendly customer service. And, it's just really cool connecting with other people who share our love of art, craftiness, & cuteness.

Anywhooo - you guys rock. Thanks for welcoming us into the amazingly talented circle of Waldorf-inspired dollmakers with open arms.

So, without further adieu, I'd like to announce - the BIG GIVEAWAY! You guessed it, a Tansy Doll of your very own, a Tansy Doll that you get to choose...that's right! The winner will get to pick ANY doll for sale from our shop. And if you don't like his/her outfit? Well, you get to choose a different one from those available in the shop. Um, did I mention it was FREE? We'll even pay for shipping. We're awesome like that. ;)

So please, follow this link to our facebook fan page. Once we reach 500 fans, someone will win their special doll, and vice versa.

Best of luck everyone!


  1. I am going to enter every which way. I am in LOVE with these beautiful dolls!

  2. We would love to have one of these fabulous dolls at our house!

  3. If I get one of these dolls, I would probably keep it for myself (instead of giving it to my baby niece) because I get selfish with cute things =)

  4. I "liked" your page. I'm excited to be entered for a chance to win. Your dolls are GORGEOUS!

  5. Gorgeous dolls. I'm so glad I found your blog. I'm always looking for creative inspiration for my own projects and your dolls are just that.