Friday, July 6, 2012

Toward the Stars

I promised an update on the shopping trip and I will provide one, but first I want to share an exciting opportunity to create some special and unique dolls. I am a big fan of 7wonderlicious, a girl empowerment site founded by Inês Almeida.  She is getting ready to launch a lovely site, called Toward the Stars, that will provide a marketplace for products which celebrate a more diverse definition of girlhood. After some discussion with the fabulous Inês, Tansy Dolls is considering producing a few very special dolls in the next month or so.  I am thinking a scientist and an explorer would be really fun.  And just think of the fun accessories the dolls could come with.  Perhaps a few plastic test tubes and a science experiment for the scientist and a field book and compass (Thanks, Cady, for the compass idea!) for the explorer.  

After posting to our Twitter site, several folks chimed in with some other great ideas.  Here are just a few: auto mechanic, geologist, rock star, engineer, paleontologist, architect, film director, pilot, math wiz, astronaut, entrepreneur, and athlete.  <3  Already, I am having fun envisioning what these dolls might look like and what fun accessories could come with them.

If you have a great idea for an "outside the box" doll that you would like to see created, please let us know. And join the conversation on Twitter.  You can find the link in the tabs at the top of the blog.  

To learn more about Inês and the great stuff she is up to, please visit or It looks like it will be a whole lot of fun and as a mother of a daughter who is into anatomy and wants to grow up to be neurosurgeon I think it is sorely needed. There is nothing wrong with princesses and fairies, but we really ought to provide our girls with more choices.   

As for the shopping trip, it was a success.  Cady and I went to JoAnns together so we could better match the fabric and the yarn.  She helped me pick out a lovely striped seersucker and I have to say it was a wise choice.  

Cady ended up going with another yarn choice that we liked better.  

Aria approves of the yarn that Cady decided to go with. You'll have to wait to see what we made with our fabric and yarn choices.  ;D

Also don't forget to enter our giveaway for a doll bow and arrow set inspired by Brave.  Find the giveaway post on and read the details on how to enter!

Alright, I am off to get a few minutes of extra sleep.  I stayed up until 2 this morning finishing the clothes for the custom doll and then got up at 6 this morning to start some new dolls.  With any luck Aria will let me sleep a whole 30 minutes.  Maybe.  ;)


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