Wednesday, August 22, 2012

A Drove of Dragon Books

Ok, so a group of dragons is not usually known as a drove, but I'm a big fan of alliteration. In fact, there doesn't seem to be any real authority on what to call a group of dragons. Clan is popular, as is wing or flight. Drove actually means "a flock or herd being driven in a body" (according to The Free Dictionary) and I certainly don't think of dragons being driven anywhere, but drove of dragons still has a nice sound to it.

Anyway ... I love dragons. I mean, I really love dragons. Anyone who knows me even a little, or has been to my house can tell this. There are dragon statues, posters,  stuffies, candles, books, etc. in nearly every room. They're just so awesome! They're wise and intelligent and magical and all sorts of wonderful things.

Well. I could wax rhapsodic about dragons for quite awhile, but that's not what I meant to do today. Instead, I thought I'd review some awesome dragon kids' books for you. Yay! Dragons and books! It's a good day to be me. Here we go!

there's no such thing as a dragon book cover
There's No Such Thing as a Dragon
by Jack Kent

When Billy wakes up there's a tiny dragon in his room waiting for him. But Billy's mother says there's no such as dragons. Dragons who don't get the attention they seek just get bigger until you MUST notice them!

I've loved this book since I was a kid. I love Jack Kent's artwork in a number of books, but this one is especially dear to me. The dragon is just so stinking cute! And all he wants is love! No scary fire-breathing or knight-slaying here; just a dragon who needs a buddy.

5 dragons out of 5!

dragons love tacos book coverDragons Love Tacos
by Adam Rubin
illustrated by Daniel Salmieri

Did you know dragons love tacos? Because they do. Big time! They also love parties. This adorable book gives some valuable tips on throwing a good taco party for dragons. (Hint: no spicy stuff!) 

This is a new one to our library. Max received it as a gift from his Grandma Julie a month or so ago. It was an instant hit because it's just so fun! Max cracks up every time we read it and acts it out as well, which is always a sign he really love a book.

5 dragons out of 5!

max's dragon book coverMax's Dragon
by Kate Banks
illustrated by Boris Kulikov

With a title like Max's Dragon I was prepared to love this book. Max is an imaginative boy who finds a dragon in the clouds. He goes looking for words that rhyme and his dragon and brothers join him.

It's a nice premise and the pictures are pretty, but neither wowed me. Most telling of all in our house, Max didn't even make it through the book. He's a kid who's usually willing to read very long books, but this was a bit of a slow sleepy book and he was disappointed that the Max in the book didn't have a real dragon, but was just pretending. We're all for pretending, but don't promise dragons and only give us clouds!

2 dragons out of 5 in this house.

I have plenty more dragon books to talk about but three is a nice number to start with. Do you have favorite dragon books we may have missed? Let us know either in the comments below or on our Facebook Page. (Go enter the Big Giveaway there while you're at it!)


Note: Dragon icon came from Deviant Art.


  1. So glad "Dragons Love Tacos" was a hit! I felt an instant attraction to it at Powell's in Portland - funny how one can sense these things, yes?

    But surely you must add your review of our beloved "Dealing With Dragons" series......

    1. I definitely will! I figure I'll do the chapter books on another day. :)

  2. We love "The Different Dragon" which is a lovely book, with fabulous illustrations, and features a family with two moms, like us.

    1. Awesome! I'll definitely have to check that one out!