Monday, August 6, 2012

A few of my favorite things

Hey everyone,

Happy Monday to you! I'm just getting back into the swing of things after a nice long camping trip with the fam, so I thought I'd make my post today easy-peasy and just blabber a bit about some of my favorite things.

Can you guess what the first thing is?

Well, if you guessed my daughter, you are right. :)

But, in addition to Miss Stellastar - oh the joys of coffee shops. We can't very well write a blog based out of Portland and not at least mention coffee once and a while, right?

Taking the kids for a warm bagel and yummy drink happens so much around here I have complete confidence that when I'm not around and my children smell coffee brewing they'll think, "mom." (and, ahem, yes she is lapping up age-appropriate hot coco in this pic - never fear ;)

I'm not very loyal to any cafe, as there are so many great ones here. Throw a fresh-baked croissant and you're sure to hit a great coffee spot in P-town. Perhaps Common Grounds on Hawthorne is our most frequented spot because of it's proximity to our house. Their bagels never disappoint, and they are run as a co-op - how cool is that?

If you're visiting Portland some other faves of mine include: Crema, La Petite Provence, Albina Press, The Fine Grind, Floyds, Saint Honore, Oui Presse, and Backspace - all for different reasons. Stumptown is well known around these parts, and they do make a great cup of coffee, but I always feel that it's lacking on the "kid-friendly" vibe. Hmmmm - maybe I need to have a segment on our blog where I review cafes? An excuse to indulge! Hah, like I need one. :)

Anywho - on to my 2nd favorite thing: messy art! And this is where I leave you with some inspiration to get out in the sunshine with your wee ones and create something fun.

Materials needed:
- large cardboard box (I was short one, so I went down to my local shipping place and picked one up. $14)
- anything you can think of to decorate! (We used paint and markers, but I have a feeling this will be an on-going project that gets layered with beauty as the hot days continue. Maybe tomorrow we'll bust out the glue and colored tissue paper.)
- Utility Knife to cut the door, windows, etc...
- Duct or packing tape to hold it all together.

I'm sure it's pretty obvious how to get going with this project, so I'll skip the 'how-tos' and just give you some eye-candy. Enjoy!

Stella was really into choosing where the windows should go, and drawing the shapes for me to cut open

we decided ours is a Rocket Ship. Blast off!


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  1. Great idea, Lesley! I always want to do it, but don't have the box. Didn't know you could buy them that size. Good to know. Also, I'm with you on the child unfriendliness of Stumptown. I feel kind of like a pariah when I go to the one in Old Town with kids.