Friday, August 10, 2012

Art with Aria: A little crayon magic

If you missed my post from two Fridays ago, I decided to start an every other Friday blog post dedicated to fun art projects.  As I have said before, I'm not that good at pretend play so I try to come up with other activities that Aria and I can do together.  Thankfully, my child loves art.

One of my go-to resources for art ideas, The Artful Parent, wrote about this wonderfully simple little project.  Jean and her kids heated a whole host of rocks up in the oven and colored over them with crayons. They turned out so colorful and shiny.  Aria and I decided to stick with just one lovely BIG flat rock we found on a walk.  I actually picked it up a long time ago because it seemed perfect for something, but we never got around to doing anything with it.  When I saw the melted crayon rocks post on The Artful Parent, I knew we'd found the perfect project.

We heated up our rock in the oven at 350 until it was hot.  *Be sure to warn your littles that the rock is hot and to be careful with touching it.*  Ours was actually okay to touch, but don't want burned little fingers; that would sort of ruin the fun.  Anyhow, just have the kiddo color the rock with crayons.

Aria is checking out how the heat radiates off the rock.
The crayons melts over the rock and creates a lovely shiny smooth picture. 
Aria says her picture is of the burning sky.
Since we already had the crayons out and we always have a ready supply of watercolor paper and watercolors we also tried a watercolor resist.  I've tried to do this with Aria before but she can be very particular about mixing her mediums.  She must have been feeling pretty adventurous because after I explained the project, she happily grabbed the crayon and started drawing.

She was VERY serious about it.
You can use any color crayon but I think its extra fun to draw with a white crayon because you can't really see the picture until you do a watercolor wash. After your kid is done drawing with the crayon, hand over the watercolors and let them paint over the picture with the watercolor to see some crayon magic!

The crayon acts as a resist and the picture begins to appear as the watercolor is applied.
Aria had to make sure every inch of her paper was coated in paint.
According to the little artist, this is a painting of the setting sun with stars!

This one is definitely going in my office; I love how it turned out.  She was really into sky themes this art session.  I'll follow up today's art interest with a few books that talk about the sky and stars.  One of the ways I try to engage her with learning is to follow her cues about what she happens to be interested in that day.  Today it was the sky.  Some days its dinosaurs and others it the human body.  Kids are naturally so curious. If we listen to them, they'll tell us what they want to learn.

Let us know if you try either of these projects and what you think of them.  If you do try them out, post pictures on our facebook wall...we'd love to see them!  And don't forget we have a giveaway going on. If you haven't entered, head over to our facebook fan page and read the note pinned to the top to find out how to enter!


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