Sunday, August 12, 2012

Gimmie head with hair, long beautiful hair

Shining, gleaming, streaming, flaxen, waxen...HAIR!!

This weekend I worked on completing a special custom doll with the coolest hair combo!

When ordering a custom doll we work very closely with you to make sure you're getting exactly the dream doll you envision. This time around, our client had been just about to purchase Maggie, when she was snatched up by another family.
waldorf doll redhead red hair yarn natural
the beautiful brown-eyed Maggie
So, she went with the next best thing - she purchased a custom! And away we went, designing a dream dollie just for her and the special child in her life. She wanted Maggie's exact dress and felted heart-shoes with bright blue eyes (to match her child) and Maggie's shade of red hair, but with "orange/yellow tiger stripey" streaks added to it. 

So (drum roll please!) allow me to introduce, Sandy!

waldorf steiner doll natural toys tansy dolls custom bamboletta
Ready for some hugs with my new best friend!
waldorf doll embroidery blue eyes bamboletta
close-up of her bright blues

bamboletta waldorf doll dragonflys hollow felted shoes custom redhead natural toy
look at all that gorgeous hair to style!!

Have I mentioned I'm a little obsessed with hair color? Hah. I started dyeing my own hair various shades of the rainbow when I was 14 (to my parent's delight...heh heh) and 20 years later I haven't really stopped. (Sorry mom & dad, I guess it wasn't "just a phase." lol :) Anywho -  I must have found my true calling in life in getting to be the head doll wig designer here at Tansy Dolls.

If you'd like to order you're own custom Tansy Dolls, well then here's the ol' link:

and don't forget - our DOLL GIVEAWAY!

Goodbye, Sandy! I hope you have lots of snuggle time with your new family. :)

waldorf dolls RTG
RTG and have new adventures!