Friday, August 31, 2012

The Pirate's Life for Me

Over here in the Baker/Pearce household, we are gearing up for some priatey fun.  The Portland Pirate Festival is held every year during Labor Day Weekend and this will be the 4th year that we've attended. Aria loves any excuse to don her pirate costume.  

The very first time we attended was in 2009.  It was held under the majestic St. John's bridge here in Portland, Oregon.  This bridge is seriously gorgeous, probably one of the prettiest bridges in the Portland Metro area.  

This first excursion into the Pirate Festival was rather impromptu so we didn't really have time to put together a pirate costume for Aria.  We bought a pirate shirt from the lovely Milagros Boutique; they had a booth at the festival.  We also bought her a snazzy pirate hat but my camera battery died before I could take any pics.

Check out my sweet little pirate.  I can't believe how TINY she is in this picture.
We had so much fun at at the 2009 festival that we knew we had to go back in 2010.  This time this crafty momma knew she had to put together an actual costume for her little budding pirate. 
Psst...there's the hat and the pirate shirt we bought at the 2009 festival.  I made her little skirt and sash. 
Like any good pirate worth her salt, Aria got a tattoo and collected booty. 
She was very serious about counting it all up. 
She also had a blast revisiting her friend, Foul Weather, from The Golden Fleece, a booth with the finest pirate booty to be had.  ;)  She actually first met him during the 2009 festival but again...that silly camera battery prevented me from capturing the beginnings of their beautiful relationship.
No, seriously.  She insisted on stopping by to visit him at least 10 times that day.
And she often returned to the waterfront to watch the water, likely itching to return to the high seas.

Those British soldiers knew better than to mess with the dread Pirate Arrrria!  (I had to; couldn't help myself!)
One of the best things about that pirate skirt I made her was that come 2011, it still fit and all I had to do was add a new pirate shirt.  2011 marked the first year that the Pirate Festival was at a new location, St. Helens.  And yes, they still call it the Portland Pirate Festival despite the fact that it is now located in St. Helens.  We missed the old St. Johns bridge but we still had a lot of fun.
And Oh My GOODNESS if Aria didn't grow up so much between 2010 and 2011.  She looks like a little KID and not a baby anymore in this picture from the 2011 Pirate Festival.
She got another tattoo but this time around opted for her face. Tough little pirate lass that she is.
It was seriously HOT that day!
She made a new friend in 2011.  SeaSealia the Sea-dragon from the Zambini Brothers.  At first, she wanted to fight him but somewhere between pulling her sword and rushing him, she had a change of heart. 
SeaSealia and Aria contemplate each other.
She followed him around the festival for a good hour or so, defending him from other children bent on slaying her dear friend.
She took her duty quite seriously.
And of course like the noble pirate lass that she is...she made time for old friends too.
Aria: Uh, Skeleton, this is my friend, Sea dragon. Sea dragon, this is my friend Skeleton.
How's that for a trip down memory lane? Heh.  For the 2012 festival Aria will wear the same skirt again.  It STILL fits two years later.  I am patting myself on the back for the brilliant design.  I had no idea it would last this long.  This year, I get to dress up as well.  I snagged some great deals from Damsel in this Dress and have a snazzy pair of pirate bloomers and a corset that will be perfect.  I'll be sure to share some pictures on facebook Saturday night.

Also according to the rumor mill...a special friend will be traveling to the Pirate Festival with Lesley and her family.  Be sure to check out Lesley's Monday blog post.  Its probably supposed to be a secret, but I have to tell you that Cady did her yarn magic and made something beyond spectacular for the little friend . You don't want to miss it!

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I hope you have a great weekend!  We'll be busy invading St. Helens. 

Cheers!  Arrrrr!

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