Monday, September 3, 2012

Ahoy, me hearties!

Happy Labor day, everyone! I hope everyone's enjoying a fun-filled three day-er.

We had a blast this weekend with all the scurvy dogs at the Portland Pirate Festival! Truly a little slice of all the unique and amazing artists and eccentrics that make Portland so special for me and my family.

portland pirate festival mermaid lagoon tansy dolls waldorf
Stella and Lilly with a mermaid friend

Stella had her saber and Captain Bogg and Salty shirt, I donned my bloomers, Ever had his skull & crossbones and we were ready sail the high seas! Stella decided her pirate name for the day was "Captain Ahoy!" Captain Ahoy met her first mate Aria there, and our little pirates-in-training buried some treasure and played with the bilge rats together. Here's some great pix, courtesy of Cap'n Robin:

We also had a special guest join us for our afternoon of fun!

portland pirate festival waldorf doll costumes
Captain Ahoy with Pirate Lilly

 If you're thinkin' you spy an adorable Tansy Doll Pirate costume, you're right! Our new doll Lilly joined us for some adventures in the amazing new Tricorn hat and eye patch Cady designed for upcoming dress-up goodies!

pirate costume doll tricorn hat eye patch
Are you as excited as I am about impending Halloween fun? It's a fine day to be a pirate. Or a unicorn, or get the picture.

doll pirate costume pirate festival
Blimey! That's cute.
Well, it's time to set sail. Have a great week and remember it's almost DOLL GIVEAWAY TIME !


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