Sunday, September 30, 2012

Around Town with Tansy - Seattle trip!

Happy Monday, folks and Happy October 1st!

Autumn in Stumptown is my favorite time of year. The leaves are gorgeous, it's still sunny yet the air is crisp, the pumpkin patches are calling our names, and Halloween is on it's way! Hmmm, I guess I'd better get to making my kid's costumes...

Anywho - enough about my city - today I'm going to talk about a nice trip I recently took to our big sister to the north: Seattle.

Last weekend my mom and I left the hubs with the kiddos (thx again, babe!) and had our first mother/daughter vacation in whoknowshowlong.

We did the ultimate touristy thing and stayed downtown right by Pike Place, went on 2 walking tours, and stuffed our faces the whole time - and now you get to hear all about it! hah. Consider this my guide to a quick trip (we weren't even there for 2 full days!) to Seattle done right:

Pike Place Market Seattle tours
The famous Pike Place Market at night - notice the horse drawn carriage.

We found a good deal online at the Executive Hotel Pacific (you're welcome for the plug! I wonder if I can get a discount next time? hmmm...) at 400 Spring Street. The building is old, but the hotel is renovated and very modern. Service was great, guests are welcome to a free wine tasting, but the key point is that it's location is smack-dab in the middle of walking distance to both Pike Place and the Seattle Underground Tour (did you know that the city of Seattle is built on top of itself? Pretty cool.)  Parking can get dicey downtown, so I recommend just parkin' it and walking the whole time.

 In honor of October, I'm going to focus most of this post on the fabulously creepy tour we took the night we arrived.
ghost tours seattle pike place
I wonder if we'll photograph some orbs? ;)
 We began our adventure early that evening with a walk to Pike Place and hopped on the Market Ghost Tour.  Now, I'm sort of a tour-junkie. I like to hear all the little tidbits of history and anecdotes that make a place unique. That said, The Market Ghost Tour was hands-down one of the BEST tours I've been on!
Market Ghost Tour Seattle Pike Place
My mom waiting to get spooky on the tour
 Located down an alley at the Pike's in an espresso shop of the same name - I highly recommend doing this tour at night. Well worth the $13, the tour guide was friendly & funny and the tour was fascinating (you get to see the Market all cleaned up and closed down - in STARK contrast to the morning crowds).

Pike Place flying Fish Seattle Tour
The hustle & bustle of the morning (yes, he's throwing a fish - can you spot it?)

Pike Place Seattle Tours
and the eerie silence of night (EVERYTHING gets cleaned up and packed away)
 We learned about turn of the century brothels and their vicious Madames, conniving Barbers, the Spanish influenza pandemic of 1918, the first female serial killer Dr. Hazzard (the name should've tipped them off, no?), and a shady Mortuary run by the corrupt E.R.Butterworth.
E.R. Butterworth 1921 First Avenue
1921 First Avenue - do a search on it! You won't be disappointed. ;)
Between our awesome tours and getting to actually shop the Market the next day with all it's beautiful produce, flowers, trinkets, and fresh fish (clam chowder in a bread bowl- yes, please!) we had an amazing time.

The owner of the Ghost Tour, Mercedes Yaeger, has a book: Seattle's Market Ghost Stories that I made sure to purchase in celebration of our trip and to get me in the mood for a haunted Halloween.

Have a great start to Autumn, everyone! We have some special costumes on the way!

Tansy Doll's witch hat bamboletta doll costumes
git cher broomstick & ride!!

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