Friday, September 21, 2012

Art with Aria: Journaling

This isn't a ground breaking activity.  However, it is something that Aria enjoys and I imagine that like the elaborate art projects we do, she finds satisfaction in the process.  Its also the easiest project ever.  All you need is a notebook and pen, but you can also include other office supplies if you think your kid would enjoy them.  Honestly, sometimes the best projects are the simplest.  And right now as we are gearing up for me to return to the doctoral program (full time classes plus research plus teaching), simple is what we need. 

Aria journals while waiting for the bus.
We like to have two journaling kits.  One for home and one for the road. The one for home, we keep in a small box on the bookshelf because we live in a small apartment.  If you or your child has a desk, you could always set up the journal station at the desk.  We like to keep it stocked with all sorts of fun office and art supplies.

Here's a list of Aria's personal favorites:
Color Coding Labels
Paper Clips
Tape (especially fun, printed tape)
glue sticks
Aria can find inspiration anywhere.  Even the sidewalk as we wait for the bus that will take us home.

And again...on a bench waiting for the bus with her journal.
The one for the road is simply a notebook and pen because we take the bus a lot and its easier to carry than a whole box of supplies.  However, if you travel by car, you could always set up a small travel box of journaling goodies.

So far Aria doesn't need prompts for inspiration.  However, if you find that your kid does, it can be fun to add shapes or stick figures and ask your kid to fill in the picture.  When they are older, other ideas could be to simply write a word or question and see how they respond via words and pictures.   We also keep a journal for those hard to answer questions that Aria inevitably has when we are nowhere near the computer and internet.  We simply write them down and look them up later.  It keeps her from continually asking me questions I don't know the answer to since she knows that eventually we will dedicate some time to discover the answer.  In addition, I date them so its kind of neat to look back and see what sorts of questions she asked at certain ages.  Do your kids like to keep a journal?  What sorts of things do they draw or write about?

As I mentioned, next week I go back to my doctoral program, but it also means Aria returns to preschool.  I'm hoping for a good school year for us both.  *sigh*  The summer went by far too quickly and I'm not ready to let it go.  Here's a photo of Aria from last year.  She is getting so big. 

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Next week is Part II of the Tansy Doll Holiday Gift Guide.  Check back for more lovely handmade gift ideas!


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