Friday, September 7, 2012

Art with Aria: Print Making

Eek!  I'm not sure how I got so busy so quickly!!  Only two more weeks before school starts so I'm trying to mentally prepare myself for taking 3 classes again as well as trying to get the class I teach in Fall organized and ready to go.  On top of it all, I'll be adding research to my normal school year.  It sounds sort of like a rather masochistic recipe for stress.  ;)  I'm sure once I'm in the swing of it all, I'll get used to it, but I've enjoyed my summer and I'm not ready to let go.

Last weekend, we headed to the Pirate Festival and had a blast.  Tomorrow (more like later today by the time this post goes live) we'll be headed to the Rose City Comic Con.  Aria decided sometime last year that she wanted to dress up like Domino from X-force for Halloween.  Have I mentioned my child is seriously into comics and superheroes?  She became rather enamored with the rather obscure character she saw on X-Men.  When we found out that there was going to be a comic con in town, we decided that I just had to get her costume together early so she could wear it around people who might actually know who she is supposed to be.  I have a feeling that come Halloween most people are going to think Aria is a goth chick with some serious weaponry.  :/  *And here comes my disclaimer... Wait for it.  Okay.  Yes, we talk to Aria about guns and knives and explain how dangerous they are.  Aria knows that if she starts behaving violent, she loses the privilege of watching her superhero cartoons.  So far, I think she handles it all very well.  She is not a violent child at all and she understands that hurting others is unacceptable so while we recognize others may not agree with allowing children to play with toy guns or watch cartoons with some violence, we've decided that for now, we are fine with it.  However, it is a individual decision parents must make for their own families.*

Anyhow, all this to explain why I am so so so late with my Friday post.  I had to get her costume in order.

So for today, I'm going to give you some brief instructions for print making.  Its fun and easy and looks great!
All you need is some plexiglass (you can get it at Taps Plastic or similar stores), acrylic paint, q-tips, a brayer, and white/light-colored cardstock.  If you don't own a brayer, you can get away without using one.  It is just used to smooth the paint evenly but I highly recommend getting one. 

Drop a glob of paint onto the plexiglass and then use the brayer to distribute the paint evenly.  Again, you can use your fingers but the print won't be as smooth looking if you do.  Let the child etch a picture on the paint using the q-tip, then flip the plexiglass onto the cardstock and press firmly on the back of the plexiglass.  You can try just placing the paper onto the plexiglass and then pressing on the paper but I've never had much luck with it.  Carefully lift the plexiglass up and you should have a lovely print.  Yep.  That is it.  Told you it was super easy and quick!  ;)

This was made during Aria's "dancing potato" phase.

I love this one!  It reminds me of some kind of robot.
 Next Friday's post will be on time, I promise.  I highly recommend NOT missing it.  Tansy Dolls has something up our sleeves that should be super fun and will help you get prepared for the holidays.


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