Friday, October 19, 2012

Art with Aria: Collaborative Doodling


It started with just a few doodle books.  You know the ones I'm talking about, right?  Have you've seen those books that are filled with simple black and white drawings intended to prompt creativity and inspiration.  Aria loves them. Lately, I've been thinking about ways that I could be more involved in the creativity process.  Sometimes it can feel like I'm just the gatekeeper of the art supplies. That's not such a bad thing on the days when I just need a little breather, but occasionally I'd like to be more engaged in whatever project I've set up for Aria.  Art and creativity are good for everybody, after all.  

This project is inspired by the doodle books that Aria loves so much. I started by drawing very simple sketches on some paper.  I'm not the best artist around, but that doesn't really matter much because to Aria anything I draw is a bona fide masterpiece.  So if you're feeling self-conscious about your art skills.  You really shouldn't let it stop you from doing this project.  I'm sure your kids will love anything you draw as well.
The key is to keep it simple.  The idea is to let your child fill in all the details.  For this round of doodling fun, I decided to go with a boat in the water, an ice cream cone, stems and leaves, and rolling hills with clouds.  Aria was very excited and understood almost immediately what we would be doing.
After I had drawn the basic sketches, Aria set to work adding in the details.  She was very insistent that she was only going to use orange and purple.  I did point out that she could use the whole spectrum of colors available to her, but she set me straight.  ;)  

What does a boat in the water scene need?  Why fish of course!  And not just any fish, but strange little creatures from the depths of the ocean: the catfish complete with kitty cat ears, the skeleton fish, the planet fish, and the tiger fish.  Apparently these are fish discovered by ancient scientists who are very old.
The great thing about this project was that it really encouraged Aria and I to have a conversation about the process of creating the artwork since it was truly a collaborative piece.  

Good thing Aria chose orange as one of her two colors.  She filled in the rolling hills scene with a lovely row of pumpkins!  Yes, I think she is in the Halloween spirit. 
We were in a bit of hurry since we got home so late and Aria's bedtime was around the corner, but next time I think it would be fun to get Aria's input into the scenery.  She was really into this project and was already telling me midway through that we should do it again.

Aria colored in the bottom of the clouds with a black marker because she said it was "night time."
This was a huge success. Both of us had a blast.  It was a great way for me to be more actively involved in an art project with Aria.  I of course will still encourage her to explore her own creativity without momma's "interference" but it was a fun lesson in how to engage in a collaborative project.  Its never too early to learn how to work well with others.  And really some of the most innovative ideas are the result of collective action.   

This also might be a great project for a small group to create together.  Once the initial scenery is drawn, each person can add his/her own doodle to the piece for a great group masterpiece. We'll definitely be adding this one to our frequent flyer project file. 

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