Wednesday, October 10, 2012


Guys, I got bunnies!! They're so stinkin' cute I can't think about anything else until I show you the adorable little monsters. :D

baby rex bunnies

 This is Otter (the gray) and Zoey (the black and white). They are Standard Rex siblings and only 10 weeks old! Ack! So cute!

Matt and I have had bunnies before, but this is Max's first encounter with house rabbits and he is loving it. He's been very sweet and gentle with them and is absolutely thrilled when they come out to make friends.

kid petting bunny rabbit

Otter is the more adventureous of the two, so he came out to investigate Max first. Zoey took a bit longer, but they're buddies now too.

A lot of people think of bunnies as being cage-only pets, or living in hutches outside, but I have to tell you they make amazing indoor pets too. They are smart, sweet, social, and highly entertaining. They are easy to litter box train too. If you get two they keep each other happy when you're busy, but will both come out to visit. We have a cage/pen in the living room where they live, but we open the pen and let them roam the living room pretty often.

diy bunny cage inside
Of course, this means we had to bunny-proof the living room which is similar to baby-proofing but not exactly the same. Mostly you hide or protect chokeables, cover or protect electrical cords, and eliminate tight spaces where they could get stuck.

bunny on hardwood floor
They also would probably prefer carpets to our bare floors, but they're doing ok. We'll probably get a little area rug to make it easier for them to dance around.

kid in pet pen
Sometimes Max visits them in their pen instead. They were actually faster to make friends with him than us!

diy rabbit toy

It's also fun and easy to make them toys. This is a crochet ball made of sisal rope (bunny-safe chewing) and stuffed with hay. They also love toys made of cardboard, rafia, or some kinds of wood. They love toys that can be chewed, tossed around, or make a small noise.

One of the reasons bunnies are great pets for our house is that they are a good balance between cage-bound and free-and-cuddly. Matt has pet allergies, so cats and dogs that roam the house and leave hair everywhere are really out for him. But we all love the cute furries! What to do?!? Well, we got bunnies. Since they sleep in their pen and only come out when allowed, their hair and mess is very contained but we still get the warm fuzzy loveie pets. Also, Rex bunnies in particular are better for allergy folk since their fur is significantly shorter and they don't shed as much.

For lots of wonderful information check out the House Rabbit Society. We got a previous set of rabbit through them and they were amazing. I highly recommend adopting a rescue pair or going through a hobby breeder, not a pet store or huge breeder, but that's just my opinion.

Ok, more cute bunnies!!
cute rex rabbits

Oh, and some cute video too! This is an early experience leaving the pen. Bunnies are very curious critters and love to explore, but are also a bit shy about it. The song is "Curious" by the Barenaked Ladies.

Ok, seriously how cute are they? Ok, next week back to more real doll or crafty stuff, but I just couldn't help it!

We're crazy-close to giving away a 16" doll, so if you haven't entered, go over and do so. And today (October 10, 2012) only, get an extra entry by commenting on the note that you read about the bunnies!



  1. HI,
    I am getting a rabbit and I stumbled across your page. I really like the cage you have for you bunnies. I was wondering how you made it, or where you got it because this is the kind of cage I would like.
    Thank you.

    1. Hi Hope!
      It's made with wire shelving panels attached with heavy duty zip ties. The shelving is the modular grid kind, like this:

      Just zip tie along the edges (I used 3 per edge) and build it into the shape you like. Ours has 3 different levels to jump to inside, and an opening door for easy cleaning. Then the pen is more overlapping wire panels zip tied together. The whole front wall swings open to let them out, and stays closed the rest of the time with little latches.

      Enjoy your bunnies! I really do think they're some of the best pets. :)