Sunday, October 7, 2012

Dress Up Time!

Around these parts, playing dress up is pretty much a mandatory requirement everyday - so in October, lemmietellya, it is ON.
Stella in her Xmas ensemble a while back.Also perfect for casual Fridays in the office.
Halloween is HUGE - I mean how could it not be, right? Hah. Anywho - today I'm going to highlight some of the eeeeeeek!-worthy Doll costumes we'll have in the shoppe this month to keep you happily playing dress-up all year long. The best part? They are ALL only $25 each! Wait until you see the coolness that they all come with:
pirate patch tricorn hat Tansy dolls waldorf doll bamboletta costumes
Here's the adorable Pirate Eye Patch and Tricorn hat that Cady made earlier this month when we celebrated the Pirate Festival. A cool bonus is that the patch will fit around children's heads as well - so everyone can sail the high seas. It's now available in the Shoppe! (as are all the costumes featured here, until they sellout)

tansy dolls customes waldorf dolls bamboletta dragonflys hollow
Feelin' Foxy

doll costume fox waldorf dolls bamboletta dragonflys hollow dfh
check out my tail! swoooooooooosh!

Next up we have a beautiful Fox costume for all the critters! Cady created the sweet ear headband from orange and white crochet while Robin painstakingly brushed multiple layers of yarn to create a highly realistic fox tail - that feels and moves like a real tail! Loooooooove this one so much!

cowboy cowgirl costume waldorf dolls
I reckon this here costume is mighty cute
Here is Ada modeling her new Sheriff's Star and Western Hat. Tumbleweeds and Sassparilla! That looks like a rootin'tootin' good time if ya ask me.

Well, expect to see more amazing doll costumes handmade by our dynamic duo Robin and Cady this week. I can't wait to see what everyone is planning for their own costumes this Halloween!

doll costume ideas bamboletta dfh oh uniper waldorf doll
Zorro-raccoon bidding you adieu.
over & out!

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