Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Getting ready for the Faire

I love a good craft fair. I love seeing all that handmade goodness concentrated in one place. Craft fairs are wonderful because they not only let you see all sorts of beautiful arts and crafts, but let you get up close and personal with the crafters themselves. I love being able to pay compliments directly to the artists and ask questions that will actually be answered with knowledge and attention.

That being said, I've never really had my own booth at a fair. I've had a spot at a counter, shared space, and even had my own table, but never a real booth. You know how a lot of crafters have a special booth that makes you feel like you're in a tiny store of their own? That's what I've never done. It's been very exciting working on our very own Tansy Dolls booth in preparation for Craft Faire season. Yes, there are faires all year, but there are many and varied ones as we move into the holidays (whatever your holiday of choice may be.)

When we decided to apply for a local show or two, we realized we were going to need an awesome booth. Yay: project! Lesley came up with a great design concept, then we all built and collected and decorated like crazy. We don't know for sure where all we'll be yet, so we'll have to get back to you about that part, but I wanted to give you guys a sneak peak!

It started with crates, which meant it started with wood. Lucky Max got a trip to the hardware store. 

home depot shopping trip

Then I built the crates at home. Well, in the driveway. That part was fun. I especially loved that I didn't hurt myself (pretty common with a hammer) and didn't even mess up my nail polish. I'm not even usually a nail polish wearer, but since they guys at the hardware store were skeptical of my building skills I wanted to show them up, even if only to myself.
diy homemade crates

Next up was painting. Lesley and Robin helped pick the color from sample cards, then I put the kid to work!
diy painted crate

He really loves painting, especially big projects, and was a great little helper on this one. Here's some done ones:
teal diy milk crates

Most of the rest was shopping. We found a great tablecloth and backdrop, then did some accessorizing. Here's the test run we did in my driveway:
craft faire booth
And a lovely closer shot:
craft faire booth

You also might recognize this prop bed from the IKEA Bed Makeover I did (parts 1 & 2):
craft faire booth

You'll have to tune back in to find out where we'll be and when. And after we've been out and about we'll share some real action shots too. :)

Hope to see some of you soon, but near or far, go find yourself an awesome craft faire of independent crafters to visit! You'll be an addict like me in no time!

Also, I'm thrilled that we were able to raise at least a bit for Art ala Carte at our first charity auction yesterday! They are raising funds to move into a new space, and their online fundraiser goes just a few more days. If you'd like to help out check or find them on Facebook. Good luck Art ala Carte! We'll see you soon!


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