Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Happy Halloween!!

You may have noticed we're pro-holidays and pro-dressing up around here. Have you checked out the awesome doll costumes up in the shop? (Check clothing shop!) Did you see the amazing Hortense the Horror go by in her pumpkin box?

Whether you're celebrating or skipping, partying or trick-or-treating, I hope you have an awesome day today. Around here we tend to like the dressing up part and the candy part of Halloween, but skip over most of the really scary parts.

This year, Max announced in early September that he wanted to be Buddy the T Rex (from Dinosaur Train) for Halloween. I got a sweatsuit, dyed it orange, got all the felt bits I needed, we had some design consultations and trips to the craft store ..... aaaaand he announced last week that he wanted to be a ghost. *sigh* Of course. Not a fancy ghost either, more of a sheet-over-the-head kind of ghost. Except he wanted a big hole for his whole face, so really he ended up with a white poncho. When I asked him how people would know he was a ghost he said "I'll jump out and yell BOO!! at them and then they'll know." Silly me.

So, Max is going to be a ghost. I made a super easy poncho out of polar fleece, so it'll probably end up being a winter coat also. I'm calling it a win.

Last night Max announced that Matt and I needed to dress up too. (!!) Ok, time for a super-last-minute costume idea! Hooray for Google and Pinterest! A quick search found me this great idea: Last minute Despicable Me minion costume. I love Despicable Me (watch it if you haven't yet; the minions are totally the stars!) so this had some immediate appeal. Plus, I could make two; one for me, one for Matt. And since they're just hats, I can even wear it to work: bonus!

I mostly followed Make and Takes tutorial, but here's how I did mine:

My big departure was the base hat. I didn't have any yellow stocking caps lying around, but I did have some yellow fleece, so I made my own.

I started with a square, about 18" each side.

Now, the smart thing to do here would probably be to fold it in half and trace an existing cap to get your pattern but, 1) I don't have any other stocking caps 2) I often don't do the smart thing. Instead, I decided to drape it over my head and staple it into a pattern. Yeah, you heard me:

Let me tell you, it was even more awkward trying to photograph it happening! So yeah, I really did drape it over my head and kind of staple around until it felt right. I suppose a measuring tape would have been a good way to go to. Ah well!

One I took it off my head again there was a lovely staple-outline of where to sew, which I proceeded to do:

 Then I just trimmed outside the seam, turned it inside out, and tucked in the bottom edge a bit. Voila!

Ok, now for goggles. I too used a lovely toilet paper roll, cut into 1/2 - 1" sections. I opted for covering my sections with duct tape instead of silver paint though. Not only did I skip drying time, but duct tape adds a tiny bit of strength.
Then just staple two together for two-eyed goggles, or skip straight to stapling black elastic to the lenses.

For the hair, I poked holes in the fleece using a thick needle and just threaded the pipe cleaners through.

That's it! Overall I'm very happy with these as speedy costumes. I'll try to get some action shots tomorrow, but here are the finished products:
Tonight night my little ghost will have his very own minions.

I hope everyone has a happy and safe hoilday!!


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