Monday, October 29, 2012

New Bud(dies) to snuggle

Happy Monday, everyone!

I thought I'd share what (or rather, who) we've been workin' on this week in TansyLand. We have some new Bud Babies in the shoppe!

Meet Daffodil, Sunflower, Bluebell, and Clover:
blanket baby dolls natural doll bamboletta handmade
our newest blanket baby Bud Dolls
Our Bud Dolls are handmade from extremely soft cotton velour and their little heads are stuffed with clean carded wool.

Clover is a light green Bud Baby with fair skin, dark brown eyes and rosy cheeks.

All of our dolls are a true collaboration from the 3 of us. Our Bud's heads are shaped and stuffed with wool by Cady, while their bodies and cute stocking hats are sewn by Robin. I then hand-embroider their sweet expressions, and add red beeswax to help their cheeks become warm & rosy.

waldorf handmade blanket baby pocket doll bamboletta
Sunflower is a yellow and brown giraffe pattern Bud Baby with blush skin, brown eyes and rosy cheeks.
 and did I mention that they're HUGE - a good 15" of cuddle-time. That is quite a bit bigger than the average sized pocket or blanket doll. Totally snuggly.

waldorf doll blanket baby pocket doll tansy dolls bamboletta stocking stuffers
Bluebell showin' off her size
These Buds are just perfect for babies, but don't leave out older kiddos who love zee cuddly friends! My 4 year old loves these little guys. I have a feeling many of these will find their way into wee one's stockings this Christmas.

Daffodil is a light yellow Bud Baby with tan skin, violet eyes and rosy cheeks.
We're working hard like Santa's elves getting handmade goodness ready for everyone to bring into their families for the holidays. These softies will be in the Shoppe this Thursday.

Tansy Dolls bamboletta pocket dolls blanket babies waldorf handmade all natural
See ya on Thurs!
 Have a wonderful week, friends!

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