Friday, October 26, 2012

The Holiday Gift Guide Part IV: Tiny Treasures

Wow!  Time is seriously flying by!  I'm already posting part FOUR of the Tansy Dolls Holiday Gift Guide.  If you haven't seen parts 1-3 yet, you can click on the links below to check out the fabulous shops!  Plus if you haven't already done so, you can earn extra entries into the Holiday Gift Guide Giveaway by sharing Part I, Part II, and Part III on your Facebook wall. What's the Holiday Gift Guide Giveaway?  Glad you asked.  :D  One lucky reader who enters the Tansy Doll Holiday Gift Guide Giveaway will win $30.00 to put towards any ONE shop featured in the 6 part series gift guide. All you have to do is click here and enter by following the directions.  As each part of the gift guide goes live, there will be additional ways to earn entries, so keep checking back!  

Here's a reminder of the schedule:
Sept 14 - Waldorf Inspired Toys
Sept 28 - Transportation, Fairies, and Lil' Artists
Oct 12 - Clothing and other Wearables
Oct 26 - Tiny Treasures
Nov 9 - Pamper Thyself
Nov 23 - Dress those Walls

Tiny Treasures

Have you ever done something and then later wondered what the heck you were thinking?  Yeah well to be perfectly honest, I'm sort of feeling that way about today's gift guide.  Not the gift guide itself but I am curious what I meant when I first chose "tiny treasures."  To be fair, I'm half way through the Fall term of my third year in a doctoral program...its been go, go, go since school started so I'm not terribly surprised that I'm a tad forgetful.  

Anyhow, today's gift guide still features fabulous shops and items but the mix of items is a bit more eclectic.  Heh.  I tried to go with smallish but I'm not sure that all of them qualify as "tiny" though all of them certainly are treasures. Honestly, I should have just changed the title to "Stuff Robin Loves!"  *Hint, Hint* Just kidding...sort of.  

For just $44.00, Gordon could be mine *ahem* yours.  He measures at about 9 inches tall and 8 inches wide and has the cutest little embroidered face.  Seriously, isn't he just the sweetest little furball ever?  And if green isn't your color, go check out his friends.  They come in just about every color imaginable, plus you can buy a custom monster if you have something very particular in mind.  Check out Curious Little Bird on Facebook.
At just $18.00 AND free shipping, these hand wire wrapped pyrite and dyed quartz are both fun and affordable.  If you like statement pieces or know someone who does, this is the shop for you.  Midwest Beauties has a knack for putting together bold accessories that really stand out!  Psst...I own a few of her pieces myself. ;)  Check out her Facebook page for updates on new listings.  
This particular set was sold for 120 pounds, which I believe works out to about 190 and some US dollars. Her shop looks sold out so I imagine her cute little animals are in high demand.  But seriously, check out the wee little things that she makes!  I can barely stand the cuteness.  Maybe this is what I had in mind when I thought up the category "tiny treasures."  Check out her Facebook page to find out when she uploads next.
For 18 pounds or a little over 29 US dollars, you can bring home a sweet little wee mouse.  You get to pick the balloon color but er...does anybody else just want to adopt all seven of the cuties?  Check out the other little figurines, everything is so stinking cute.  Psst...the little sewing mice are beyond adorable and I want need one.  You know, in case, Santa is reading this; its good to cover my bases.  ;)  Check out her Facebook page for updates!
These sweet little cat coin purses are a steal at $17.90.  Aria and any cat person would be ecstatic to get one.   Shoot, I don't even care for cats all that much and I'd love one.  Be sure to check out her other little coin purses as they are super cute as well.  Follow DooDesign on Facebook.
One of these days, I will own one of these scrappy little owls. I don't know what it is about them, but every little owl that she makes I fall in love with.  Maybe its the texture and look of all the fabrics she uses.  Maybe its the fact that every single one has his/her own unique personality.  Whatever it is, I WILL own one.  The mystery grab bag is a great deal at $25 or pick the perfect one for you for $40.  Follow Wassupbrothers on Facebook for updates.
For just $45 you get a tiny self-sustaining terrarium on a silver or gold chain.  Who doesn't need a little bit of nature to carry around their neck?  I think if I owned one of these, it would be my favorite necklace.   Follow With Roots on Facebook
Each little Macaroon trinket box is only $10.  I'm not even sure what I would store in these sweet little boxes but trust me I'd come up with something.  I love everything about them.  The shape, the size, the muted colors, the polka dots... *sigh*  Yeah, these are pretty fabulous.  Follow TheLittleTreeHouse on Facebook.
$6.25 gets you four handmade buttons of your color and size preference.  TessaAnn has some mad polymer clay skills.  Check out her other buttons for some seriously talented detail work.  If you have any friends who sew or make accessories, get them some of these buttons. They will love them and if they don't, I'll send you my address.  ;)  Follow TessaAnn on Facebook for updates and discount codes.
Dude.  This little mousie has so much character I just want to reach into the screen and scoop him up.    Most of the  mice in the shop cost about $68, although there are a few for $55.  Each one is sweeter than the next.  I had a lot of trouble picking just one for this giveaway guide but I went with the little mouse with a book as reading is one of my favorite hobbies.  Their little faces kill me with their cuteness.  Follow the artist on Facebook.  
Two more gift guides to go...  Its been a blast hunting down shops for the perfect items to include and I'm looking forward to putting together the last two.  I've found so many talented artists and designers that I seriously see no reason why I would even think about buying corporate.  If you buy from any of the shops or like their Facebook page, we'd appreciate it if you let them know that you saw them in Tansy Dolls Gift Guide.  



  1. Oh, how I like cat Coin Purse! And Manomine foxes are my dream:))

  2. Anna, they are now my dream too. ;)

    Manomine, you are so welcome. Those foxes are the sweetest little creations ever!