Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Fuzzy Friends

It's Thanksgiving tomorrow here is the U.S. so today I'm giving thanks. I have tons to be thankful for this year; wonderful family and friends; cute bunnies; a job and home; hobbies I love... it's a humbling list, honestly.

But in this blog specifically, I'd like to give thanks for this amazing Tansy Dolls adventure we're all on. Less than a year ago my dear friends Lesley and Robin were over here for a playdate with the kids. We were making (more) coffee when Lesley said she had a crafty idea she wanted to talk about. Craft junkies that we are Robin and I were soon on board, and that idea quickly grew into Tansy Dolls.

It's crazy to me how recently that was. And it's amazing to me how wonderful our audience and customers have been. I can't think of one person we've dealt with who hasn't been great. That's pretty spectacular! So I'm thankful for you guys too. ♥♥♥

But let's get into the selfish part of this: I'm very thankful that Tansy Dolls has given me an excuse to get even more craft obsessed! I've loved to knit and crochet for quite a while so this, if anything, has given me a little focus there. I always have a couple of  pieces going at a time, but these days it's mostly doll stuff.

The best part, though, is that I've had a great reason to pick up new crafts too! Tansy Dolls has given me a great reason to start hand spinning! I'd done it a bit before, but I've had a lot more reason to practice these days. Spinning doll hair is positively addictive! I've even started carding my own fiber and we're planning on doing our own dying next summer! It's sooooo much fun. And Max has really loved getting involved in the whole wool process. (Remember when he asked for a sheep?)

Then a while ago we decided that some of our Tansy Dolls looked a little lonely. They needed pets! And little gnome and fairy friends! This was the perfect excuse to get deeper into needle felting! (I love an excuse to craft.) I've really enjoyed seeing those tiny critters and friends take shape. I've made some that never make it into the shop because they're adopted before we even get pictures taken! Wool is just such an amazing medium, but I'll wax rhapsodic about that another day. ☺

So thank you thank you thank you to Tansy Dolls' community and supporters for letting me indulge in all these wonderful crafts guilt-free!! Love you guys!!

I hope everyone has an amazing Thanksgiving weekend, however you chose to celebrate it.


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