Sunday, November 4, 2012

Star light, Star bright

Happy Monday, friends! I hope everyone reading this on the East coast is safe and warm, my thoughts are with you guys.

I thought I'd keep my Monday blog post short and simple this week since I am really feeling the excitement, anticipation, and...crunch time...of the Holidays. Here in TansyLand we're working hard on creating some truly special dolls for the little ones to unwrap. If you're reading this I assume you're a fan of handmade goodness as well and supporting some awesome crafters out there this holiday season - so thank you!

And, on that note...allow me to introduce "Star"
10" Blossom Tansy Doll Star Waldorf Doll Bamboletta
Why, Hello!
Star has blush skin, extra curly blond hair made with the finest all-natural mohair and wool boucle. She has a sparkle in her brown eyes & comes wearing this cute red party dress (with a sparkly ruffle.) She'll be hitting our Shoppe this Thursday at noon.

Her hair is out-of-control amazing! So much curl! I love it. We support a fabulous company, Be Sweet Yarn by purchasing all of our gorgeous boucle yarn from them for our curly haired dollies. In addition to it being the highest quality boucle with vibrant colors that are soooooo shiny - Be Sweet Yarn employs almost 200 (mostly female) members of the Xhosa tribe in Africa, creating economic stability and a secure work environment for their talented artisans.
tansy doll blossom bamboletta little buddy dragonflys hallow blong boucle waldorf
So much HAIR!!! I love it!
 And, of course, I have to show you her cute little yellow & white polka-dot undies!

Tansy Dolls Waldorf Dolls Bamboletta Little buddy blond boucle
Adorable, non?
Well, that's the newest little lady to hit the Shoppe this week, along with a couple of sweet Bud Blanket Babies that I'll post on our FB page this week before we upload everything on Thursday at noon.

Star, a 10" Blossom Tansy Doll Bamboletta little buddy waldorf doll
Star will retail for $105 US.

And please check in with us on our fan page this Tuesday where we'll be having a Custom Spot available for auction with 100% of the proceeds being donated to the Red Cross to help Hurricane Sandy victims get back on their feet. With customs, YOU design your dream doll! Should be exciting to see who wins. :)

Have a wonderful week, everyone!

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