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The Holiday Gift Guide VI: Dress those walls

Yesterday was Thanksgiving here in the US.  For those who celebrate it I hope you had a lovely day filled with family, friends, and laughter.  Before I get into the last Holiday Gift Guide, I'd like to pay homage to a few special people in my life.  

I am thankful for my beautiful friends and business partners, Cady and Lesley.  After I had a child, my life changed so much and at times I felt so alone.  When these wonderful mommas entered my life I felt such an incredible peace.  I am thankful for my friends and adopted family the Burdsalls.  Tina and Derek give me faith that it is possible to raise amazing, strong, and compassionate daughters.  I am thankful for my friend Amy who has not had the easiest life but manages to rise above it all with spunk and grace.  I am thankful for my husband who, no matter how much I may doubt myself, has a confidence in my abilities to be successful and who finds me beautiful even when I feel my least becoming.  I am thankful for my sister who despite what she may believe is an incredibly strong woman who takes on far too much of the weight of the world upon her shoulders.  I am thankful for Shellie, my mother in law, who loves her children and grandchildren with a fierceness.  I am thankful for Inês from Toward the Stars who inspires me to keep fighting the good fight.  I have never met her in person but I consider her my friend; her compassion and energy motivate me to push forward even against what feels to be impossible barriers.  I am thankful for my daughter for simply being the amazing little force of awesomeness that she has been since the day I knew I was pregnant.  I feel like she has always been a part of my life and cannot imagine life without her.  And finally I'm thankful for you for reading our blog posts, for supporting small business, for helping make Tansy Dolls come to life.  Take a moment and recognize the important role you play in the lives and work of small businesses the world over.  You make it possible for us and those like us to thrive and do what we love. 

Speaking of small business and's gift guide is the last one.  I've had a blast putting these guides together and also managed to mark a few people off my holiday gift list.  If you haven't seen parts 1-5 yet, you can click on the links below to check out the fabulous shops!  Plus if you haven't already done so, you can earn extra entries into the Holiday Gift Guide Giveaway by sharing Part I, Part II, Part III, Part IV, and Part V on your Facebook wall. Did someone say giveaway? Why, yes someone did.  :D  One lucky reader who enters the Tansy Doll Holiday Gift Guide Giveaway will win $30.00 to put towards any ONE shop featured in the 6 part series gift guide. All you have to do is click here and enter by following the directions.  This is the last chance to enter to win.  On November 30, we'll announce the winner!

Here's a reminder of the schedule:
Sept 14 - Waldorf Inspired Toys
Sept 28 - Transportation, Fairies, and Lil' Artists
Oct 12 - Clothing and other Wearables
Oct 26 - Tiny Treasures
Nov 9 - Pamper Thyself
Nov 23 - Dress those Walls

Art to Dress Your Walls

I love artwork, always have.  When I was a really young girl, I wanted to be an artist but somewhere along the line I figured out that as much as I love art its not really my calling.  I don't have the passion for it that I feel is necessary to make true art, but that doesn't stop me from enjoying the art of others.  The artwork in this gift guide runs the gamut from sweet to dark, but all are pieces I would personally love to own.  
In the artist's own words, "two bluebirds sit perched in a tree silhouetted against a gently weathered reddish brown & blue background. Green leaves hang hooked like ornaments to it's branches."  This is an 11X14" signed print from one of her original paintings and is part of her Tree of Life Series.  I love how the birds and the green leaves almost shine against the dark background. You can bring home this print for just $30.00.  Follow her page on Facebook at
You have two options to bring home this sweet little illustration.  For $20.00 you can purchase an A4 print suitable for matting and framingThe image is set in the middle and apparently, this print does fit standard sizes, including 8x10 frames.  You can also buy this image on a card for only $4.00.  I think it'd be sweet to buy a set of cards and hang them on the wall in matching frames.  She has so many sweet illustrations to choose from.
It was hard to choose just one print to showcase.  All the little red cap girl prints are just simply adorable.  This print prices at $20.00 and measures 8.5 x 11. The actual image is about 7x7 1/8 centered to leave a white border for framing.  The little bunny hanging onto the girl is really too sweet.  Follow the artist on Facebook at
Okay, so my confession is I have a slight obsession with Little Red Riding Hood.  I love this take on the fairy tale with Little Red having clearly tamed the Big Bad Wolf.  You can pick up this print for just $22.00 and it measures 8.5x11.  You can follow the artist on Facebook at

I first ran across Badbird when I was pregnant and looking for some artwork for the baby's room.  I fell in love with the bunny series.  This particular print costs $25.00 and I promise you it is just as cute in real life as it appears to be online. 
Yes, its another Little Red Riding Hood print. I told you I had a problem.  Heh.  Anyhow, this one measures 10x10 and costs $25.00. The original was created on canvas encausting original pages from an early 1900's Grimm's Fairy Tale book and painted with acrylics.  I think the look is just brilliant.  Follow the artist on Facebook at
Lea's artwork is a fabulous mix of the surreal with a touch of darkness.  I love the piercing blue eyes on this beauty and the amazing tattoos that climb up her back and neck. This print costs $20.00.  You can and should check out the rest of her art in her shop; all of her work has a slight edge to it, which I just love. You can also follow her on Facebook at
Okay, I really really want this artwork.  Something about it tugs at my soul.  Looking at this print makes me feel like I'm peering into a secret little world. According to the artist, this is a limited reproduction of an original painting. She mounts the print on a 1" thick maple panel with hand painted edges then covers it in a thick layer of plastic resin. The resin protects the piece from fading and damage and gives it a unique, satiny smooth finish.  This print is $35.00.  You can follow the artist on Facebook at
This print is $16.00 AUD (that would be $17.06 in US dollars).  It features the sweetest deer girl with her little fox friend.  I think this one would look amazing in a little kid's room. Be sure to check out the other adorable prints.  They all feature little animal people hybrids and they are all just as sweet as this little deer girl. Check out the artist's Facebook page at
Weren't those some great pieces?  If you buy something from one of these artists or like one of their Facebook pages, let them know that you saw them in the Tansy Dolls Gift Guide.  

Thank you for coming along for this adventure.  I've really enjoyed putting these together.  It gave me the most brilliant excuse to check out other small businesses that focus on the handmade and now I have a go-to list for whenever I need a special gift.  I hope you found them useful as well.  


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