Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The Pinterest Addiction

Ok, so are you guys Pinterest addicts too? Have you been to check out our Pinterest page?

I really love Pinterest. (No, I mean reeeeeally.) If you haven't heard of Pinterest yet, I can't recommend it enough. It's awesome, it's free, it's pretty! Pinterest is basically a highly visual bulletin board with a social media twist.

As a user you can create boards to collect pictures and links from anywhere on the internet or upload your own pictures. Since they're your board you can create whatever collections interest you. How about the color aqua? Sure, collect a bunch of beautiful photos based on color. Or how about beach vacations? Yep; you can gather links that talk about all the spots you dream of sunning (especially heading into winter). Whatever you're in to, you can create a board about.

The social part comes next; you can see other people's pins and repin them to your own boards. You can follow favorite boards or pinners to keep up with what wonderful things they find. It's pretty awesome.

Now me, I use it for one part organization, one part inspiration, and one part just plain fun. The boards I consider organization are things like recipes, gift idea boards for Matt and Max, books I want to read, things like that. They're fun but very practical.
Then there are the inspiration boards like awesome ideas for things to do to the house, craft projects I want to try, and fun stuff to do with the kiddos.
The just plain fun boards are things like gadgets I will never buy, geeky humor, and videos I think are worth watching more than once.

Then there's that board that it's hard to explain. I've found a lot of pinners end up with these boards; one you can't really explain why it exists, but it just does. Mine is full of toasters. Yes, toasters. Really weird, cool, funny, or beautiful toasters. I'm not sure why I have an entire board of toasters. I don't have a deep and abiding love of toast. I actually don't even own a toaster, just a toaster oven. But these toasters kept creeping into my other boards until there were so many that I had to admit they deserved their own spot. Here's my current favorite:

It launches toast! That would seriously perk up my morning.
However you use it, Pinterest can be pretty awesome. There are even private boards now (up to 3 per user), so that you can create boards that can't be seen by others. Good if you're collecting ideas for a surprise party, for example!

I know some people think Pinterest is just another great place to waste time on the internet, but at least for me, I must disagree. The great part about Pinterest for me is that it inspires me to get off the computer and go actually do some of the things I've pinned. Don't get me wrong; I can spend quite a bit of time browsing if the mood strikes, but I also have a growing Projects I've Done board that helps keep me motivated.

Also, whether you're a brand new or very seasoned pinner, I can't recommend enough that you go read Jen Yates post on pinning the right way: Seven Ways To Be a Better Pinner.Very worth the read.

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And let us know; how do you use Pinterest?


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