Monday, December 3, 2012

Amazing Local Talent

Hey lovelies,

I hope you had a great weekend and are in full-swing Holiday mode, as we are. C'est fun, non? ;)

I packed up the kids and explored the Laurelhurst Winter Bazaar yesterday and was once again awestruck by the amazing talent of our local craftsters here in Portland. Our trip was short (seems a 1 & 4 year old have a different idea of fun than I do, I guess. Weird, huh?) but still so very full of inspiration and beauty. Today I'll give you a little tour of the eyecandy I witnessed firsthand:

First we stopped at Laurie Romanaggi's booth of

Laurie with her beautiful bobbles
If you LOVE vintage holiday kitsch as much as I do, than Laurie is the designer for you. Her artwork was equal parts sparkle and holiday glamour.
One of Laurie's birds in a party hat. A PARTY HAT, people!
Next, I glimpsed WOOLIE ORIGINALS and thought: "Huh, that is awesome, have I seen that before?" Which, of course I had, because one does not see something that awesome and not have it leave a permanent mark on your creative subconscious.

Woolie Originals
Jenna of Woolie Originals
Sadly, my camera ran out of batteries and so this picture (taken on my phone) does not do Jenna (who is adorable, btw) and her work proper justice. So do yourself a favor and click on the above link to view her work and have your mind blown.

Another stand-out booth was Rose City Sweets. Shanda Kimber makes decadent goodies to make your tastebuds tingle!

Rose City Sweets
Shanda and her sweets
Shanda was so very nice and her booth was immaculate - by far the cleanest design of the faire. And, oh yeah, did I mention she was giving away free chocolate samples? So she pretty much wins at being amazing.
Shanda's goodie bags
 And the last vendor I'd like to highlight is Lucille Miles of Forest Whimsy.

Forest Whimsy
A Forest Whimsy Gnome Home
 Lucille makes the most gorgeous gnome homes and other "fine furnishings for the Fairy Folk" as well as beautifully felted mermaids, fairies, and magical friends.

Forest Whimsy
Lucille's Fey Folk
I was blown away by the details in her work and the obvious joy she takes in creating playthings that enhance creativity and wonder.

Forest Whimsy
Her mermaids in their own seashell beds - adorable!
And so I left the Winter Bazaar more inspired than ever to bring a little more beauty into the world by doing what I love, making handmade goodness.

I hope all the vendors had a successful weekend, you guys deserve it!


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  1. Thanks for stopping by and doing a little spot on Magpie Ethel. I know Jenna and Shanda from other shows over the years and they are gems! Lucille was a new vendor for me to meet. Great show and happy holidays!