Wednesday, December 5, 2012

And Sometimes We Flop...

I'm not a religious person, but I really do love Christmas. Mostly, I love the music, the family events, the decorating, and sure, the presents. Though mostly, I just really love picking and making presents for all the people in my life. But today is about the decorating. I really love making Christmas tree ornaments. I have a whole Pinterest board full of ones I want to make.

So this week I figured I'd pick one and make it, then share it with you lovely readers. Good, yeah? Well, I almost didn't write this post because I totally failed. The ornaments I made came out terribly. I mean, yikes. But then I figured, heck - every craft fails from time to time. No point in pretending I'm perfect. Besides, maybe someone will learn from my mistakes. So, here's how not to make these ornaments...

First, here's what they're supposed to look like:
There's a very nice tutorial for them here. Basiclly, you trace snowflake patterns in hot glue, then top with glitter. Important things: put detergent on the wax paper, hot glue is tricky, glitter covers hot glue foibles.

Ok, here's what I did. First, I drew some snowflake patterns.
I set the hot glue gun to start heating up. Next, I covered these with a sheet of wax paper and spread some watered down detergent on the wax paper. I think in hindsight I watered it down too far.
Then I traced the snowflakes with the hot glue. I also did one in glow in the dark puffy paint. I had more luck when I held the glue gun high and treated it like icing writing, and less luck when I held it close to the paper and treated it like a glue bottle. In either case, beware the usual hot glue culprits like glue strings and burning yourself.

So there they are. A bit globby, unfortunately. Here's where I departed from the tutorial. Next, you're supposed to coat them with Modge Podge and then cover them with glitter. Sadly, I don't really like glitter, so I wanted to have these lovely clear snowflakes at this point, which isn't how it worked out.

Finally, I went to remove them from the wax paper, which is when I discovered I hadn't used enough detergent and I had little paper bits stuck to the snowflakes:
Blech. Now, usually I'd just chock it up to learning as you go and try again, but I wasn't really thrilled with how they look un-glittered. And then I almost pulled out something else to try last minute so I'd have an awesome project to show you guys, but seriously; sometimes we just flop. I've made some pretty awesomely failed projects in my time. We're all human. And these snowflakes and I were just not meant to be.

That being said, if you don't have an aversion to glitter go check out the tutorial on (exact tutorial linked above). She's got some other really awesome ornament tutorials too, some of which I really want to try.

We're really enjoying ourselves in Tansy Doll land and have been having a blast dreaming up all sorts of things. Have you seen the 12 days of Christmas special running on our Facebook page? Coming to see us at Crafty Underdog this weekend? Just wait until you see what's coming next year!


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