Thursday, December 27, 2012

Its the most beautiful time of the year!

I hope everyone that celebrates had a beautiful Christmas filled with love and good cheer!  We have yet to celebrate since Daddy worked Christmas.  His next day off is this Saturday so I had to add four whole new days to the advent calendar so Aria wouldn't notice.  I'm super excited to finally have our Christmas.  Aria is getting a 16" Tansy Doll.  Originally we were going to design one just for her but I fell in love with Lily from our shop and after checking in with Aria to make sure she'd be okay with getting a pink/green haired doll, I pulled Lily from the shop and stashed her away in the closet.

Isn't Lily such a cutie?!  :)  The dress was made by Judy Southwell of Robin Christie Collection.  She makes doll clothing to fit a variety of dolls so be sure to read the description to get the right size to fit your Tansy Doll.  Aria actually has quite the stash of clothing made by Judy.  The minute I stumbled upon her doll clothing, I fell in love with her classic dresses.  I especially love the ones that utilize vintage hankies.  Click to check out her Facebook page and Etsy shop.
We like to keep Christmas rather low key and try not to buy too many things.  I feel like it just overwhelms Aria.  She seems to enjoy her presents best when there are only a few under the tree.  She did request a special Baby Sister doll from Santa so I had to whip one up last minute.  I knew I had to make her dollie from Santa look quite different from our Tansy Dolls since she is pretty smart and would figure it out very quickly. I created a new little pattern for a slender 11" doll with wacky fake fur hair.  I'll let you know what Aria thinks of her on Saturday via our Facebook page.

I think with her fake fur hair, she looks rather like a mischievous little brownie. :)
In the meantime we have been having daily advent calendar fun.  I love this tradition.  It really forces me to prioritize mindful family fun.  Sunday, Grandma Shellie, Aria, and I saw the Nutcracker Tea production put on by the Northwest Dance Theatre. It was actually the first ballet for all of us.  I wasn't sure how Aria would do, but the Nutcracker Tea is an abridged version of the Nutcracker Ballet and is intended for youngsters as young as 4.

Checking out a pack of Nutcracker glitter stickers with Grandma Shellie.
She ended up loving it.  It helped that we arrived early so to kill time I bought a Nutcracker Ballet book they were selling at a booth outside the performance hall and read it to Aria while we waited.  It was a good refresher on the story and about 5 minutes into the ballet she exclaimed, "Its my book, Momma!  Its my book!".
Waiting for the show to begin with Mommy.  Psst: the dress Aria is wearing is by my favorite designer...The Measure.  She makes the loveliest clothing.  Check out her Facebook page and shop.
Monday, her advent calendar event was to draw Emo (Korean for Auntie) a picture.  She spent all morning pretending to be a mouse from the Nutcracker, creeping about on all fours and whispering, "Skitter skatter!" over and over before jumping out at me.  So I wasn't too terribly surprised when she insisted on drawing a nutcracker for Emo.  She has also been twirling about pretending to be a ballet dancer so I am thinking she really enjoyed the Nutcracker Tea.

She had a little help with the spelling, but she drew the nutcracker all by herself.
The next time I write, it will be a new year.  Its hard to believe that 2013 is right around the corner.  Aria actually has something planned that Tansy Dolls will be revealing in the new year.  Yes, you read that correctly.  My four year old has plans for 2013 and my good friends Lesley and Cady have agreed that Tansy Dolls can help Aria realize her BIG dream.  Stay tuned to find out more about it.



  1. Thank you for such an awesome giveaway!!

  2. Such a beautiful girl! I hope she liked her dolls! :D Thank you for your giveaway.