Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Traditions and changes

The holidays are a time that seem to both collect traditions and invite reflection, so today I have a little of both to share. I was looking through pictures today and saw some great traditions, but also plenty of things that have changed over the last year.

First, some of our traditions I love.

Zoo Lights - I love visiting the Oregon Zoo during zoo lights. The kids get bundled to their eyebrows and we explore the zoo after dark, which is completely decked out in lights. These hanging ones were a favorite this year.

Board Games - We always end up playing board games on Christmas. This year's winners were Geek Battle, Impossible Machine, and Community: a cooperative game for preschools.

Cookies - Santa (and mommy) need cookies! This year, Max said Santa wanted gingerbread men. Last year's were pretty fun, though. These melted snowmen cookies were inspired by Pinterest, and were really entertaining.

The Birds - I don't really plan on ever not making the birds. They're just so pretty and festive and fun! Did anyone try making them yet? How'd it go?

Traditions are great, but things change and we roll with it.

Pets - Two years ago we had a wonderful black lab named Sonny, one year ago we were petless, and now we have our two wonderful bunnies, Otter and Zoey. They got thoroughly spoiled this year, not to worry.
Sonny photobombing Max at the park in 2010.,

The Food - We don't tend to do traditional Christmas food around here. This year I think we went with pork tenderloin. Previous Christmases have included turkey, lasagna, meatloaf, pizza, etc.

The Tree - This year we switched to a fake tree. This is partly because I kill plants. We love the idea of a potted tree that then goes out to the yard and/or gets reused, but man, I can kill plants like no one's business. Between that and the bunnies, we went with something unkillable.

The Family - This is not to say that we're swapping out our family members. And indeed, family is a very important part of our Christmas tradition, but it's an ever-changing cast. Who we manage to get together from one year to the next is always different. With multiple families, in-laws, traveling, holiday and work schedules, and a million other factors, we just gather everyone we can, have multiple celebrations, and call everyone else. We definitely try to plan for flexibility.

So how about you guys? Traditions you love? Things that are always different?

Whatever you celebrate, I hope your holiday season has been wonderful. We're wrapping up this year already! Can you believe it?!?


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