Sunday, February 3, 2013

A Hearty Tutorial - Happy Heart Buttons!

Happy Monday, folks!

Since V-day is coming up fast, I thought I'd share an inexpensive and fun tutorial to do with the kiddos.

I was trying to come up with a simple crafty gift for my daughter to give to her classmates this Valentines (all 25 of them!) and after a stroll around the craft store, here's what I came up with:

Happy Heart Buttons!

Around our house we need activities and crafts that my almost-5 year old and my 1 1/2 year old can both be engaged in and this one was pretty darn fun and open-ended (and as a bonus - very inexpensive.)

Supply List:
- a bag of wooden hearts (about $2)
- a bag of button 'pins' (also about $2)
- glue
- paints (we prefer washable around these parts, *ahem*)
- cup for paint water and palette
- any ol' extra fun decorative stuff, we used: googly eyes, glitter, and sparkly puff balls
- paper & your child's favorite drawing/painting materials

This is kind of a 2 to 3-parter, as some drying is involved.

First, the set-up:
Start simply by just introducing the paints and hearts. I find it's easier for the kids to focus if I hold off on the fun 'extras' until I have a base color on the hearts.

Valentine tutorial
Notice the tablecloth? Hah, this mama's been around the messy block more than once!
Here's a tip: if you don't have a paint palette, simply wrap a plate with plastic wrap, and viola! Easy peasy and super fast clean-up)

Happy Hearts button tutorial
our palette and some colorful hearts
 When you're done painting your hearts, set them aside to dry. When they're dry, it'll be time to get your glitter on! (and your googly eyes, and pom poms, etc...)
Valentines day tutorial
The bambini and their friend with happy hearts
Next, wipe all the glitter you can out of your toddler's mouth. The rest you will find later in the sparkliest, most beautiful diaper you've ever had the honor to change.

No? That's just me? Okay, let's move on...

You should be pretty much done now, and have hearts that look a little somethin' like this:

Happy Heart Buttons Valentines day tutorial
I was leaning toward the eyeball heart, but I think the bunny tail is my fave
Next you simply glue the pins on the back. I'm always tempted to do steps like this by myself to speed the process along, but this is a fun step to include the kids in. Here's a pic so you're clear on which kind you're looking for at the craft store:
detail of the button pin
And finally, to pull it all together and have a nice presentation, I'm going to have my daughter draw a fun Valentines drawing and sign her name. (I don't know about you, but there is NO WAY I am getting my 4 year old to sign her name 25 times in a row. So, having her sign the picture makes any project a bit more pleasant.)

Then, I'll simply scanned it and print it out (4 to a sheet) on some heavier stock paper. And, voila! pin a button to each card and you're good to go!

Have a happy February, everyone. I'd love to see some of your Happy Heart Buttons!

Happy Heart Button Tutorial
Have fun!


  1. I love this idea, and think I will have Teo do it next year for his classmates! Thank you.
    P.S. "The rest you will find later in the sparkliest, most beautiful diaper you've ever had the honor to change." BAHAHAHAH

    1. Hee hee - thanks, gal. Oh yes, that diaper was faaaaaaabulous. Happy to share some inspiration with you! - Lesley.