Monday, February 18, 2013

A Shout Out! To the Mama Bloggers

Happy Monday, folks!

As I sat down hemming and hawing about what to write about today, the clearest thought in my mind was "Damn, blogging is hard work." Mind you, I am complaining about being responsible for one blog post a week - just one! Hah. My lovely partners-in-crime Cady and Robin pick up the slack for us the other 2 days so that we can have a keep building a fun, creative community that remains somewhat consistent.

This idea brought me right to how much I admire so many bloggers and the inspiring, thoughtful posts that give me a jolt of awe and wonder, heartfelt connection, and oftentimes raw humanity when I need it. I am very thankful to be a mommy in this day and age of blogs, meetup groups, and online communities. So I thought today I'd share with you some of my fave online Mamas, and I hope you are introduced to something (or someone) new today:

5 years ago (FIVE!! whew!) when I was new to this whole mommy-business, I was sleep deprived, friendless (we had just moved to a new city), and not quite sure how to embrace my new sloooooooower paced lifestyle. It was then I stumbled upon (and found great solace in) the upbeat, positive way Amanda Blake Soule shared her eye for the beauty of everyday living (and parenting) with the world. She's not only an amazing photographer (seriously, her blog pix speak for themselves) but an artist and craftswoman with so many talents and yummy recipe to share (and she now has 3 books to prove it!) I was hooked then, and I still am. For an inspiring read, check out

Switching gears - if you are in need of a serious giggle-fest mixed with some belly laughs and topped-off with a trip to the bathroom before you pee your pants, I suggest you check out the generally inappropriate (yet always witty) Ms. Jenny Lawson over on her space  And if scouring her blog isn't enough Jenny for you, she also has a memoir that is equally hilarious: Let's Pretend This Never Happened.  Read it! I accept thank-yous in the form of chocolate.

Another blog I like to check in on every once in a while (though, I guess it's not technically a true blog) is the writing of "Amelia"(a pseudonym to protect her family's privacy) in the Huffington Post. Amelia journals about her son, who at the young age of 7 identified as gay. She has a wonderful way with words and recreates some incredibly heartfelt talks between herself, her son, and her community (both online and in the 'real world.')  If only everyone had such supportive parents that could handle the social pressures of conformity with such grace and ease. She is a model of nonjudgement, balance, strength, and love that I find so uplifting. You can enjoy her writing at:

And last up on my top list is Angry Chicken!
Amy Karol is another incredibly talented lady with 2 books under her handmade belt (Bend the Rules Sewing, and Bend the Rules with Fabric). On her blog you'll find amazing craft ideas to do with kids,  homeschooling project ideas, lots o' papercraft fun, tutorials, recipes, and some heartfelt & genuine musings on life. She strikes the perfect balance of interesting and creative - and she's from Portland! So, you know...she gets local points as well. ;)

Okay, friends, that's it for now - I would LOVE for you to add links to your favorite blog & bloggers in the comments below and spread the fun!

Have a great night guys,

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