Monday, February 25, 2013

A Very Fairy Birthday Party - Ideas!

Happy Monday, folks,

This weekend we celebrated my little lady's 5th (!!!) Birthday party. It was a fairly easy one to plan considering that she wanted the same theme as last year - Fairy Party! hah, whew! A relief not just because I spent quite a bit of time and moola crafting decorations last year but - it was so darn cute that I was happy to relive it again with her. :)

Now, not all of Stella's friends are fairy enthusiasts, so to make the magical day more inclusive we called it her "Garden Party" and asked that her buds come dressed as any critter they'd like (magical or otherwise). Seeing the kids dressed up is a highlight of the day, to be certain. So, want to plan your own Garden Party? Well, who needs Pintrest when you have my handy-dandy post here filled with links. ;)

First up, I am a sucker for the classic red toadstool. So, I whipped some together for sitting pillows that were quite easy to make.

red toadstool pillow tutorial mushroom pillow
you can tell they've been well-loved this past year. :)

• red & white felt
• White and red embroidery cotton
• Batting
• Hot Glue Gun

The How Toozies:
1. Cut out two large red circles (mine were about 10 inches across) from your felt
2. Cut out different sized smaller white circles
3. Blanket stitch the 2 red circles together, make sure to leaving a hole for the batting
4. Stuff with batting & finish stitching the pillow.
5. Arrange the white circles (about 3-5) on the top of one side of each red Circle.
4. Stitch the circles on (or just use your hot glue gun)

These make cool "take homes" for the guests or reading corner pillows to jazz up your own child's space.

My daughter wanted everyone to 'enter into fairyland' so we came up with hanging steamers before the entrance and making a cute little chalkboard sign to guide our critters towards the enchanted forest.  To make the sign: I simply bought a chalkboard at our local craft store, hot glued ribbon to the back, painted the front green, and then hot glued these shiny leaf decals & butterflies on top that I also found at the store.
Fairy Party Ideas Tutorial
in case they took a wrong turn at a toadstool...
 Next, we needed a Fairy Tent! Here is a great tutorial by although I used tulle instead of a sheet. Again, the cool thing about these party decorations is that they can double as the presents you are giving your child, to be enjoyed all year. This fairy tent is another sweet addition to a reading nook or play area after the party is over.

 My kid's and their friends are nuts about pinatas. It is truly a site to see when they all freak out and come rushing, arms extended, toward the trinkets & candy exploding from the sky. 

Fairy Party Ideas
Fairy Gal Aria with her WHACKIN' stick!
This year we found the perfect one - a butterfly! And filled it with fun & inexpensive toys and fruit gummies. For last year's pinata 'experience' I had made these cute fey-folk:

Fairy Bendy Dolls Tutorial
warning - they are totally addicting once you start to make them!
 and had sooooo much fun making them. Here's the tutorial at:

And, for the finale, the cake has to be amazing, right?  Last year's was a little garden scene with red toadstool cupcakes, but this year my Fairy Fey requested a castle cake.

Castle Cake tutorial Fairy Party
Cake Boss, eat your heart out
 Here's a quick tutorial that will help you on your way to creating one. Start saving up your toilet paper/paper towel rolls now! :) I prefer to use fondant though, instead of icing on everything. You can generally find fondant at your local craft store or make your own.
Check out this bad-ass girl Knight I found to top the cake with! My daughter has named her: Fiona the Dragon Slayer
For a list of Fairy Party Games, check out and Cady's post from last week and you'll be set!

I hope this helps you on your way to creating a Magical Garden Party of your very own.
Chocolate cake!
Did I also mention that it was my birthday too this weekend?

Chocolate Cake!
Sugar rush!!
Have a great week, everyone!


  1. My little girl would love a fairy garden party, thanks for the great ideas ! And happy birthday to you too!

  2. What a wonderful birthday party! My daughter loves fairies so I will certainly be using some of these ideas!!!

    1. Thanks, Raina! I'm glad you're inspired, it was a magical time. If you do, I'd love to see pictures. :) Lesley

  3. What a great party idea! And that cake is absolutely amazing!

    1. Thanks! I was nervous about the cake turning into a cakewreck, hah! - Lesley.

  4. Looked like a great party, Lesley! I love planning birthday parties and making cakes for our kids. So much fun!