Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Feel the LOVE!

Hey! Tomorrow's Valentine's Day! I know they're plenty of controversy around celebrating, not celebrating, and how to celebrate Valentine's Day. I don't have super strong feelings on any of the sides. In general, I think, hey I'm all for celebrating love.

Valentine's Day does tend to get rather lost and forgotten at our house. This isn't so much a philosophy as a matter of getting lost in the shuffle. Much as Lesley's house is overrun with birthdays, so is mine. My brother, David, gets us started in early February, then my husband, Matt. Valentine's day is next, but then Max closes out the February birthdays. That's just the immediate ones. Plus, Lesley and Stella, of course. The Aria shortly after. Then we have a tiny break before Robin, my mom, and my sister start the birthday train in April. Whew!

It's kind of fun having Stella, Max, and Aria have birthdays so close together. When they turned 3 they even had a triple birthday party! 3 turning 3! That was pretty awesome.
Max slays his Uncle David with a balloon sword. 

Ack! He looks so little! Oy. He's turning 5 (!!) this month!

Anyway, with all this birthday madness Valentine's Day often gets skipped in our house. But as of this year Max is in a class where they exchange Valentines. (Technically he was last year too, but since he was only part time he just skipped it.) He stated early his desire to take Valentines to school this year. I immediately envisioned paper lace hearts, glue, glitter, stickers, and all that good stuff. That's how I remember making Valentines with my mom. Max was having none of it. He wanted the cool looking ones from the store. I tried to compromise with cool looking homemade ones I found on Pinterest. Like this whole board, for example. He was still unimpressed.

I finally relented and let him pick some from the store. I felt a little better when he passed over the stickers and candy and tattoo ones for these cute little etch art ones. (Here they are.) Etch art dinosaurs are hard to compete with. Then he impressed the heck out of me by sitting down and signing every single one. In one sitting! So, this Valentine's Day my little guy joins the ranks of Valentine trading school age kids. (So big!!)

I'm still hoping for paper lace heart and stickers to make a re-appearance. Maybe next year!

What are you doing for Valentine's Day?


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