Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Choose Chocolate for Easter

Easter is almost here! Around here that means egg dying and egg hunts. Max has always really enjoyed dying the eggs, even though he doesn't like to eat hard-boiled eggs. No worries; mom loves both egg salad and deviled eggs, so they won't go to waste! But he loooooves the egg hunting part. We use those little plastic eggs you can get everywhere, stuff them full of treasures, and liberally seed the backyard. Our eggs usually include a little candy, lots of stickers, some tiny toys, and things like crackers or mandarin oranges. Last year we had about 10 egg hunts. Max would re-stuff the eggs, then have me re-hide them so he could do it all over again.

You also may remember that we have two wonderful, special bunnies at our house; Zoey and Otter. Easter and bunnies rather go together. Do you know why? Here's a nice synopsis.

Now, I firmly believe that bunnies (aka rabbits) make seriously wonderful pets. Between the cuteness, the fuzziness, and their marvelous personalities they are a joy to have in the home. However, if you're thinking about getting a bunny (or 2!) for your home, I'm also going to recommend not getting one for Easter.

Many families have thought "What could be better than a real live Easter bunny to celebrate Easter?" But often, this cute idea fades to the reality that a cute bunny need all the care and attention of any other pet. So, I refer you to the website of the House Rabbit society for their take on the Easter bunny phenomenon: Make Mine Chocolate! 

I think bunnies are awesome, but for Easter choose a chocolate bunny. One morning of cuteness is great, but a bunny is a 10-year commitment, so know what you're getting into.

If you want to add some major cuteness to your Easter basket, try some of our super cute goodies instead! The shop is stocked with little felted animals and sprout dolls, both perfect for spring! Link to the shop.

But, man they are adorable:


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