Friday, March 29, 2013

My little Padawan's 5th birthday

Last Saturday we had a small birthday party for my little Padawan.  For those of you not in the know, that would be the term used to refer to the Jedi pupils of Star Wars fame.  If you've been following along, you know that we celebrated Aria's 5th birthday with a larger elephant party.  It was a smashing success and on Sunday, we'll release the total amount that Aria raised for Elephant Family but lets just say for now that here at Tansy Dolls we are mightily impressed with how much a young girl can accomplish with a lot of determination and passion and the support of her community both local and more globally.

Back to the Jedi party though.  Originally, before, we knew we would be throwing a much larger elephant party to raise funds, I had envisioned a rather elaborate Star Wars party.  But once we started planning more seriously for the elephant saver fundraiser and began to realize how big it was going to be, I asked my little Padawan if it might make more sense to downsize her Star Wars party.  I was impressed that at such a young age, she actually agreed to what I saw as very adult logic.  But agree she did.

Nonetheless, as her mother, I wanted to give her the best Star Wars party I could conjure up even if it was going to be on a much smaller scale.  We invited a few of her closest friends.  That would be Lesley's Stella and Ever and Cady's Max in case you were wondering.  Anyhow, enough talk.  Let's move on to the photos!

Just a few short weeks before Aria's party Frecktree uploaded this awesome Star Wars "redress" and I had to snag it for my little Star Wars fan.  If you don't know about Freckletree, seriously go check out her shop. She makes the cutest owl hoot hats and just added a new dress line, made from salvaged tees.

Party activities.  So, the older the kids get, they seem to want more organized party activities.  This is not my strong point, but I managed to whip together four: 1) a Jedi foraging and tracking expedition AKA treasure hunt 2) storm trooper target shooting, 3) laser obstacle Jedi training course, and 4) the death star pinata.

The Foraging and Tracking Expedition: the little Padawans followed clues that eventually led them to a stash of Space Ice Cream that was thoroughly enjoyed by all.
The storm trooper target shooting was a last minute addition.  Aria's daddy went out the morning of the party and picked up a black light and strobe light to add a little oomph to my simple little targets. You can see our hallway decorations from Christmas and the Lunar New Year glowing under the black light.  Heh.
The Laser obstacle Jedi training course was simply yarn taped up in the hallway.  Again, Aria's daddy really came through with the genius idea of using white yarn with the black light which made the yarn look like real lasers.  This was by far Aria's favorite party activity.
The pinnacle of the party was the Death Star pinata.  It was my first foray into paper mache and I had a lot of fun putting it together.  I used a round punch balloon as the base and pasted strips of thin paper and silver tissue paper with a flour and water mixture.  After it was dry, I used strips of medical tape to tape off the lines and then painted it with silver and black spray paint.  After I removed the tape, I added details with a black sharpie.  It was stuffed with candy, Star Wars stickers, glow in the dark rocks, bouncy balls, and Lego lightsabers.
The "lightsaber" was a simple wooden dowel that was painted green.  I added silver duct tape with black sharpie details for the handle.  The kids had a blast destroying the death star.  Stella and Aria got serious when the Death Star came crashing down.
And of course there was cake.  It was a dark chocolate Darth Vader cake as Aria requested.  Aria helped her daddy decorate it.  I think Ever thoroughly enjoyed his slice.
Of course what is a party without friends?  Aria and I are blessed to have some of the most wonderful friends anybody could ever hope to ask for.

We sent everyone home with these yummy Star Wars treats from Sugar and Spice Arts.  Ann Marie was a treat (pun intended) to work with.  She even held off on shipping so I wouldn't have to stash the treats for too long.  The best part?  Inside each chocolate Millennium Falcon was a delicious Oreo cookie.  Ann Marie packaged each one individually with an assortment of  Star Wars themed chocolates and added tags with the party guests' names.
In the end I would say that while the party was small it was BIG on fun, friends, and sugar (heh!) and the birthday gal really enjoyed her Star Wars party.

Don't forget to stay tuned for how much Aria raised for Elephant Family.


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  1. It was indeed a pretty phenomenal party. Nice work Robin!