Thursday, March 28, 2013

Snow, baby!

Max has been asking for it to snow since last November. He remembers that it snowed at our house last March and is not happy with my inability to produce more on demand. Since I can't control the weather I instead promised a trip up to the snow before it melted. But life gets busy, so the trip got put off many times. Finally, this week is Spring Break. I figured we were getting close to now-or-never so I promised a snow trip for Wednesday.

I'm really glad we finally went cause it was a blast! Max had a fabulous time! I was also impressed that we had tons of space to ourselves despite it being Spring Break!

We snagged Aunt Cary and headed up to Ski Bowl on Mount Hood for their Snowtubing Adventure Park. It was a nice enough drive, and Max was thrilled when he first spotted the snow. There was a people mover belt to take you up to the top of the tubing hill with your tube, then up top was the lodge, a small tubing hill, an indoor climbing area with ball pit, kiddie snowmobiles, and a toddler tube carousel. There were certainly real ski runs and other such good stuff, but we stuck to the kids' area.

I was also pretty impressed with the restaurant. Cary had a pretty classy salad, I had a wonderful local ingredient burger with Tillamook cheese, and we split a super yummy root beer float. I could certainly babble on, but let's skip to the pictures!

In the snow with mom!

Getting read to head up the hill!

Coming down the hill

Made it down in one piece

Swimming in the ball pit

Max was into the ice cream but not so into the root beer part

Prepping snowballs!

Getting spun around on the tube

Stuck in a hole!

Cary stuck in a hole! Now Max is as tall as her!

Max's favorite tube; the train tube. 

Did you guys do anything fun for Spring Break?


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