Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The Elephant King and the Mouse King

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Well, my Monday blog post is now officially a Thursday post - hah! Oh well, it happens. :)

Today I'm excited to announce the new 16" Doll that Cady, Robin, and I collaborated on for the 2nd installment of our 'From Fables' series. In celebration of little Miss Aria Jae and all of the Elephant-y wonderfulness going on this month in Tansy Dolls land because of her fundraiser, we decided to choose a great story staring (you guessed it) an awesome Elephant. I just love this tale as it reminds me of a certain little girl and her bravery, creativity, and mightiness.

Here's a peak at "Ravi" our Indian Elephant King, and his story:

The Elephant King and the Mouse King

Once there was a settlement of mice who were terrified of elephants. When the enormous elephants walked through their tiny mouse village with their huge feet, many mice were left scared and badly hurt.

So one day, the Mouse King went to talk with the King of the Elephants and he said, "If you spare our lives, we will help you in your time of need."

At first the Elephant King laughed, "Whatever shall you do to help us? Such small and fragile creatures you are." But, the Elephant King was kind and fair, and so he agreed. He ordered his elephants to take a different route, to be mindful, and to never to step on a single mouse.
From that day forward the elephants lifted their gigantic legs with care, making sure they would not bring harm to their little friends.

One unfortunate day, poachers entered their land. Each day the human hunters captured more and more elephants and tied them down in complicated rope traps.

The Elephant King was heartbroken. Then, he remembered the pact he had made with the King of the Mice and at once he sent for his tiny friend.

Upon hearing his problem, the Mouse King gathered all in his kingdom together. The mice came to discuss how they might solve this problem and help save the elephants.

The next day, the mice formed into teams. Each group of mice approached a different elephant and began quickly gnawing through their ropes until all of the elephants were freed. Bewildered and frustrated, the poachers fled.

The Elephant King was surprised and very grateful. He decreed that from that day forth he would never again underestimate the strength and determination of any creature, or judge their power based solely on their size. For sometimes the smallest ones amongst us are the most mighty.

If you'd like to see more pictures of Our Elephant and Mice Kings on our flickr or fb page. They'll be on sale today at noon (pst) at

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