Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Bunny toys and homes

More about bunnies today, yay!
I mentioned before that I make my bunnies toys to play with and chew on. This is true; I've knit and crocheted them balls and other shapes out of twine, rafia, even actual hay. I've also made some cool rattles, barbells, and fun contraptions out of cardboard and wood.

But bunnies are pretty easy to please. Their favorite go-to toy? A toilet paper tube. They love it. They toss it around and chew on it and kick it. I score major bonus points if I stuff some hay inside before handing it over. Another huge hit, though it can require a bit of clean up, is a couple of ice cubes in a dish. Like I said; bunnies are easy to please.

And a big empty cardboard box? Forget it! They're even more in love with those than little kids! A week or two ago we got a nice big box in the mail. The packing material of choice was crumpled newspaper. This meant we had a giant box of crumpled newspaper when we were done. So last night when the bunnies were out playing we pulled out the box and dropped a bunny in. Otter was not as pleased as I thought he would be; he jumped out pretty quick.

Max decided I was just going about it wrong, and he was right! Max dumped the giant pile of newspaper on the floor and we sat back to watch. Otter and Zoey were tentative at first, but bunnies are insatiably curious critters. Soon they were in the pile. They chewed, nosed, dug, pushed the balls around, hid in it, pounced on each other. It was totally adorable. Of course, they also spread it across the whole room, but it was totally worth the clean up.

Here's the first few minutes:

And some still shots:

I've also had people ask about their cage. It's actually amazingly easy and cheap to build an awesome bunny palace like the one you see here. This pen/cage combo is made from 2 packages of modular wire shelving and one big bag of zip ties. Plus some cheapo cotton mats for the flooring. It's really easy; you just zip tie the wire squares one at a time into a big hollow box the size you want then add floors of more wire squares. Ours is fancy in that it has a full length hinged door to make cleaning out each floor easier and in case we need to snag a bunny from a corner.

Then the pen is just more wire squares, zip-tied into a wall. The wall splits in the middle so the pen can open wide for them to come out and play or me to go in and clean. Then the floor is just our floor with a bunch of towels thrown down. This makes clean up easy; I shake out the towels and toss them in the washer. Plus, bunnies like to be able to arrange their house, so having a bunch of towels means they can redecorate how they see fit. Add a couple of big potties, food, water, hay, and you're done! Bunny palace!

The 3-story cage

The open pen
Ok, hope you enjoyed the bunny-fix!


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