Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Sugar rush!

My Wednesdays seem to be getting later and later. Life is way too busy right now. I prefer not to think about the number of things I must have forgotten this week. Ug.

But there has been some good cooking, especially of desserts, around here lately so I thought I'd shore some of that with you.

For Easter we went to a wonderful potluck and I brought desserts. It's kind of my thing. I mean, I can make some yummy meals and perfectly respectable side dishes, but it's the end of the meal where I really shine. So here are some of the sugary wonders that have come out of my kitchen in the last few weeks.

It started with Strawberry Lemonade Cupcakes.

These are pretty dang amazing. My favorite cupcake to date, in fact. The icing is kind of a revelation. It's like  the love child of a seven minute icing and a buttercream. Yuuuuum! Very worth the time and effort.

I make the Best Lemon Cupcakes from The Stir found here. I really like the fresh lemon smell from the zest, but the extract makes sure that lemon flavor really comes through even after baking.

Then top them with the truly spectacular frosting from Love and Olive Oil found here. Seriously; you'll have a new favorite.

If you're feeling ambitious like I was for Easter, make double the frosting and use the leftovers to fill some delectable macarons like the one's by Martha Stewart found here. Yum! I'm not always nuts for macarons, but this frosting tipped them over the edge for me.

Somehow we didn't manage to get many pictures of these before they disappeared, but the cupcake Max is holding in Robin's post from Friday is one of the lemonade version.

That was quite a sugar rush, especially on top of all the Easter treats, so the rest of the week was pretty dessert-free. But then, last Sunday, I got sugary again. This time it was in celebration of Robin's birthday. One of her favorite dessert combinations is hazelnut and chocolate, so when my mom gave me The Smitten Kitchen Cookbook and I saw the recipe for the Chocolate Hazelnut Crepe Cake I knew I'd have to make Robin one.

It was pretty friggin' great. It's basically a dozen of so crepes with hazelnut pastry cream in between each, all topped with chocolate ganache. Yummy! I made a bunch of extra crepes and that's what Max and I had for dinner. And dessert. And second dessert. Max decided he likes his best with fresh strawberries, blueberry jam, and powdered sugar. Soooooo good.

I hope you give some of these a try! Let me know how it goes! What are your recent favorites?


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  1. OhMyGoodness! It was to die for. We ate in two days. Seriously. I meant to send you a pic of the plate with crumbs but Aria licked it clean literally. It would have been a photo of a "clean" plate. Thank you Cady! <3